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The Murder Investigation Team of Rachel Morin Case — Still Hoping to Find Her Culprit

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin murder case remain unresolved

Rachel Morin murder investigation team is not giving up

Rachel Morin

Rachel Morin murder case remain unresolved

Investigation team is not giving up in finding Rachel Morin’s culprit

In a recent article published by CBS Austin, authorities are still hoping to find Rachel Morin’s culprit. It’s been a month since she was found murdered on a trail in Maryland.

Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler released an update on Friday with the murder investigation team efforts to resolve the murder of Rachel Morin. Gahler said in the update video that the murder investigation team have collected and watched hours of video footage from around the trail including both videos recovered from residences and businesses in the Bel Air area.

According to the murder investigation team, Morin was reported missing Aug. 5 and found dead on the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail the day after. The murder investigation team continuously looking for a possible witness to the murder of Rachel Morin.

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The sheriff said that the digital forensic of the murder investigation team has reviewed phones, texts, phone calls, and cell phone locations and data. He also added that the murder investigation team have traveled across the country and have logged countless hours of interviews.

The murder investigation team canvassed areas related to her death multiple times searching for additional witnesses and evidences. The murder investigation team reviewed the results of her autopsy. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office murder investigation team previously shared surveillance video, which investigators say shows the suspect leaving the scene of that California home invasion earlier this year.

The murder investigation team ask anyone who watches to share the video and keeps sharing as someone out there knows who this suspect is. Send tips to [email protected] There is up to a $10,000 reward established for information leading to a conviction of the person responsible for her murder.

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