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The Transgender Suspect Accused of Molesting Children at Therapy Center was Found Dead Inside Jail

A transgender individual was found dead inside jail cell. (Photo: iStock)

A transgender individual was found dead at around 9:30 am on Friday.

A transgender individual was found dead inside jail cell. (Photo: iStock)

The transgender suspect who was molesting autistic children at a therapy center was found dead inside jail, according to a police officer in Indiana.

From the article released by The Blaze Media, Leomeir Kennedy, the transgender suspect who was accused of molesting autistic children at a therapy center, was found dead in jail, according to police in Indiana.

The transgender suspect was found dead at around 9:32 am inside their jail cell on Friday, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department. The transgender suspect was given immediate CPR, but medics pronounced the transgender suspect dead at the Johnson County Jail.

Sheriff’s office said that there was no foul play suspected in the transgender suspect’s death, and a report stated that Kennedy had suffered from a cardiac arrest. The coroner’s office will be conducting an autopsy and toxicology test, and an investigation is being made regarding the transgender suspect’s death.

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Kennedy was accused of molesting children as well as having possessions of child pornography.

Fox59 stated in their article, that the transgender suspect was charged back in April for child molestation and possession of child pornography, as the transgender suspect confessed molesting three children while he was working at the Hopebridge Autism Center in Greenwood.

A lawsuit was filed last July by one of the parents of the victims against the transgender suspect and the therapy center. The transgender suspect was supposed to go to trial at the end of July, but the case was rescheduled to September.

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