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Top US General Announce — Ukraine Will Get F16 Jets Soon

F16 jets
US F16 jets could accommodate nuclear weapons if sent to Ukraine

Ukraine to receive F16 jets soon

F16 jets

US F16 jets could accommodate nuclear weapons if sent to Ukraine

Ukraine will receive F16 fighter jets from United States

In a recent article published by US News, the United States’ top general announce on Thursday that Ukraine was likely to get F-16 fighter jets soon, and said its counter-offensive against the Russian invasion has been going slowly and had partial success.

Top US General Mark Milley said it was still early to say that the counter-offensive had failed. As the F-16 is moving forward, so the training program are in place, and Ukraine is likely receive F-16 in the near future. Top US General Mark Milley added in an exclusive interview with Jordan’s Al-Mamlaka public service TV news channel.

Top US General said the counter-offensive faced heavy Russian reinforcements with months to prepare minefields, tank ditches and dragon’s teeth tank obstacles. In a critical set of defensive preparations, the Ukrainians are fighting through. Top US General added that Ukrainians have a significant amount of combat power remaining. Top US General said, it’s too early to say whether it succeeded or failed.

Top US General Milley said that Ukrainian forces were being trained vigorously in various parts of Europe on command and control of offensive formations and combined arms training and to break complex obstacles that will bolster its capabilities. Top US General added that it’s long and bloody, and they predicted these several months ago.

Washington was still discussing in providing long-range Army Tactical Missile Systems known as ATACMS that Ukraine wants to reach behind enemy lines, including Russia, Top US General Milley told Al-Mamlaka. They’ve gotten long-range artillery with the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) and the Brits have provided other types of capabilities that other countries have as well.

Top US General Milley, who is expected to retire later this year, cautioned against the likelihood of an outright Ukrainian military victory in the near term while highlighting the possibility of a political solution to end the war. Top US General added that it’s an offensive that has been going on for about eight weeks or so. He said it’s very bloody, slow, high casualty- producing and difficult. A different way of getting out of this is through negotiations and may be that will happen too.

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