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Tragic Loss of 12-Year-Old Eric Brown III in Long Beach Drive-By Shooting

Tragic Loss of 12-Year-Old Eric Brown III in Long Beach Drive-By Shooting
Tragic Loss of 12-Year-Old Eric Brown III in Long Beach Drive-By Shooting

Eric Gregory Brown III, 12, sadly lost his life in a heartbreaking drive-by shooting that stunned the Long Beach community. Eric was a cheerful little kid who could light up any space with his infectious energy, natural love of the arts, and endearing grin.

According to his relatives, Eric had a charm that belied his age and approached every room as a stage. He had a remarkable capacity to make people laugh and feel happy. Eric had a talent for making an impact, whether it was through performance, dancing, or utilizing vocabulary well beyond his years.

Eric was killed on May 9, 2023, in a senseless act of violence. He was strolling in a suburban neighborhood with two other kids when someone in an approaching automobile started fire. Eric tragically died in the event, and a friend of his who was 14 years old and with whom he frequently went after school was injured.

The inquiry found that neither Eric nor the other kids were the intended targets of the gunshot. Rather, it was the outcome of a previous gang fight unrelated to the defenseless victims. Accused of both murder and attempted murder, two men have been detained for trial.

Eric’s tragic passing serves as a sobering reminder of the country’s persistent problem with gun violence, as more than 1,300 children and teenagers will have perished in gun-related incidents in 2023. Since 2020, firearms have surpassed auto accidents as the biggest cause of mortality for young people in the nation.

Despite being grieved by Eric’s passing, Eric’s family is eager to pay tribute to him. They got together on his birthday, which would have been 13 years old, and celebrated his life with balloons, candles, music, and a life-sized cardboard cutout of Eric.

Angela Washington, Eric’s mother, cherished memories of their time together, including eating ice chips and listening to music in the van. They often visited Walmart’s electronics area. The bereaved family is currently experiencing both solace and anguish from these priceless memories.

Even though Eric is no longer with his family physically, his laughter-filled memories of him endure, many of which centre on his love of music and his endearing skits and dances. In order to guarantee that Eric is always remembered as the brilliant star he was, the family makes sure he is a part of their celebrations and lives even as they come together to grieve.


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