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UAE Tests Long Term Commitment with the United States

UAE influential leader Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visit Russia to meet President Vladimir V. Putin

UAE to make allies with Russia

Influential UAE leader Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visited Russia twice over the past year to meet Russian President, Vladimir V. Putin

In the recent article published by The Telegraph Online, UAE influential leader Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed test the long term commitment with the United States by meeting Russian President Vladimir V. Putin. UAE has been American’s ally and had a long term commitment of defending its country.

Speaking of long term commitment, UAE leader Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visited Russia twice over the past year. In addition, the Emirati and the Chinese plan to train their air forces together for the very first time and that may include a long term commitment between the two countries.

For the longest time, UAE has relied on American fighter jets, weapons, and protection as part of their long term commitment. But today, that long term commitment will be tested by the growing ties of American rivals. The long term commitment that may come to its end someday.

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A diplomatic adviser Sheikh Mohammed told The New York Times recently that the international order is like a fluid world where things are constantly changing. An Arabic lecturer, Anwar Gargash, also declared that western hegemony was on its final days.

Emirati leaders have grown concerned about United States long term commitment to West Asia. UAE has been an ally to the US and though they offer their long term commitment with UAE, Emirati were concerned that American’s interest always comes first. They argue that Washington has not done enough to stop the threats from Iran, considering their long term commitment.

A deputy assistant secretary of defence for West Asia, Dana Stroul, told The New York Times in June about the Emirati’s misgiving to US long term commitment. She said that UAE still continue in seeking greater protection from the US. It maybe a hard moment but the US is still present in the region to offer help.

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