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Ukraine War Update:Ukraine Tactics Against Russia — Concerns US

Ukraine-Russia War
Ukraine battlefield tactics against Russia concerns the US

The US increasingly concerns with Ukraine’s battlefield tactics

Ukraine-Russia War

Ukraine battlefield tactics against Russia concerns the US

US is concern with Ukraine battlefield tactics against Russia

In a recent article published by The Defense Post, the US officials have expressed concerns regarding the battlefield tactics Ukraine is using to combat invading Russian forces. They said the country’s best combat units are being sent equally to the east and south when they should concentrate more in the south where heavy fighting normally occurs.

Ukraine war update said that Ukraine is struggling to achieve its main goal of cutting off Russian supply lines in southern Ukraine by damaging the bridge connecting Moscow and the Crimean Peninsula. Ukraine war update with Russia reportedly not consolidating its power in the right areas.

According to the Ukraine war update, the officials urged Ukraine to concentrate on Melitopol and Berdiansk in the south, which are far more strategically significant fronts than Bakhmut in the east. Ukraine war update about a change of tactics in Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been under strict scrutiny due to its slow progress and small gains.

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Ukraine war update mentioned that despite the help of billions of dollars in Western military equipment, there not much has changed as Moscow still occupies nearly one-fifth of Ukraine. One US official claimed in Ukraine war update that only a change of battlefield tactics can alter the tempo of the counteroffensive.

Ukraine war update mentioned about Kyiv’s forces start to push through the vast minefields left behind by Russia, even if it leads to more casualties and damages. Several international military observers said in the Ukraine war update that Ukraine’s counteroffensive strategy against Russia is a suicide mission.

Ukraine war update provides information about military experts are cautioning that the slow progress in the counteroffensive could lead to Kyiv getting less support from Western countries. Ukraine war update said that politicians are realizing that it is not going to be a short war and it will most likely take many years to support Ukraine, King’s College London war researcher Marina Miron explained.

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