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Ukrainian Grain Exports — US Sees Feasible Routes

Ukraine map
Feasible routes to export Ukrainian grains

Another feasible routes to exports Ukrainian grains

Ukraine map

Feasible routes to export Ukrainian grains

US sees another feasible routes to export Ukrainian grains

In a recent article published by US News, the United States sees feasible routes to export Ukrainian grain through the country’s territorial waters and overland after Russia withdrew from the grain deal, a senior U.S. official said, adding that they aim to return to exporting at prewar averages from Ukraine over the next months.

The head of the State Department’s Office of Sanctions Coordination James O’Brien said, they identify feasible routes through Ukraine’s territorial waters and overland, and they are aiming to return the Ukrainian grain exports. Ukraine is a global major grain grower and Ukrainian grain exports normally ships millions of metric tons of food.

A senior agricultural official said on Monday that Ukrainian grain exports is considering using its newly tested wartime Black Sea export corridor for Ukrainian grain exports shipments after other cargo ships follow the first successful evacuation of a vessel on the route last week.

Russia has blocked the Ukrainian ports for Ukrainian grain exports since it conquer its neighbor in February 2022, and has threatened to treat Ukrainian grain exports vessels as another potential military targets after pulling out of a U.N.-backed safe passage deal.

In response with the Ukrainian grain exports issue, Ukraine announced a humanitarian corridor, hugging the sea’s western coastline near Romania and Bulgaria. A Hong Kong-flagged container ship stuck in Odesa port since the invasion traveled the route last week without being fired on. Western countries have accused Russia of using Ukrainian grain exports as a weapon of war by quitting the Black Sea deal, which had helped bring down global food prices, and by carrying out repeated air strikes in recent weeks on Ukrainian grain exports stores.

Russia says the deal was not working properly as not enough Ukrainian grain exports was getting to the poorest countries. It says its own food exports, while not targeted directly, are hampered by Western sanctions affecting port access, insurance and banking.

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