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Unsolved Mystery Surrounds ‘Zombie Hunter’ Killer: Could There Be Another Victim?

Few criminal mystery tales are as captivating and unsettling as Bryan Patrick Miller’s, the guy famous for his “zombie hunter” outfit. Although Miller has already received a death sentence for a horrific double murder from the early 1990s, there is still a lingering suspicion regarding another case, therefore it is unclear what will happen to a potential third victim.


This year, Miller—a steampunk aficionado known for his elaborate costumes—was found guilty and given the death penalty for the 1990s murders of 17-year-old Melanie Bernas and 21-year-old Angela Brosso in Phoenix. The decapitation of Brosso and Miller’s effort to dismember her surprised detectives, and the savagery of these acts rocked the society.

But the mystery surrounding the 1992 disappearance of 13-year-old Brandy Myers remains unanswered, casting a shadow over Miller. Miller may be to blame for Brandy’s demise, according to retired detectives from the cold case team that solved the other killings, even though there is no tangible evidence connecting him to her disappearance and her corpse has never been located.

Part of the allegation stems from an eight-year-old interview in which Miller’s ex-wife said Miller admitted to killing a teenager who had a striking resemblance to Brandy. Miller’s enigmatic statement sparked questions about his possible participation in Brandy’s abduction.

Even though the media circus surrounding Miller’s trial for the other killings overshadowed Brandy’s case, her tragic and intriguing tale endures. She was last saw pounding on doors for a book drive a short distance from Miller’s flat. Sadly, Brandy had delayed growth and disappeared at a time when she was more like 9 or 10 years old.

There were signs that after Brandy vanished, something strange had happened at Miller’s flat. Mennonite neighbors who knew him remembered an unpleasant smell coming from his house that they compared to that of spoiled food. After some time, they made the decision to tidy the flat while Miller was away.

They smelled something bad during this clean-up in the fall of 1992, months after Brandy vanished, but they didn’t look closely at the debris they threw in the dumpster. Despite the lack of tangible proof of Brandy’s presence, questions were raised by the circumstances and timeframe.

With its graphic double murders and the unsettling potential of a third victim, the fascinating case of Bryan Patrick Miller never fails to enthral and confound. The spectre of unsolved mysteries persists as Miller sits on death row for the crimes for which he has been found guilty, leaving the matter of Brandy Myers’ disappearance unanswered and clouded in a terrifying atmosphere of uncertainty.



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