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US Advises Israel to Delay Ground Operation in Gaza for Hostage Talks and Humanitarian Aid

The United States is encouraging Israel to delay its ground operation in the Gaza Strip while the two countries continue to fight one other. The suggestion is meant to buy additional time for discussions aimed at securing terrorists’ captive releases and facilitating the delivery of much needed humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territory.

The White House’s recommendation comes as tensions in the conflict are rising and there are worries that Iranian-based forces may launch assaults on US interests in the area. According to the Biden administration, as the fight progresses, there will probably be more of these strikes, thus preparation and planning are essential. The war that started on October 7 was sparked by Hamas’s rapid and forceful attack on Israel, which included air, land, and sea operations. Over 2,500 militants broke across the border, causing heavy fatalities and mayhem under the cover of thousands of rockets fired into towns and cities throughout Israel. Sadly, the violence claimed the lives of almost 1,400 individuals, most of whom being civilians of all ages. Additionally, around 200 people—men, women, and children—were kidnapped by the terrorists and brought prisoner to Gaza.

The terrorist organization’s rocket firing continues to endanger Israeli civilians’ lives and cause more deaths in spite of Israel’s response attacks on Hamas sites. About 200,000 Israelis have fled their homes as a result of the battle, with the militant organisation Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, launching rocket strikes on the northern area. As part of its reaction, Israel has committed to destroying Hamas’s authority in Gaza, which it has maintained since 2007. This has included conducting frequent bombings on Hamas targets. In addition, residents in Gaza’s northern region have been urged to leave, and the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have gathered soldiers in case of a ground invasion.

It is crucial to stress that the US is recommending a postponement rather than asking Israel to end the ground operation. Following the deadly attack, Washington remains completely supportive of Israel’s goal of eliminating the danger posed by Hamas.

Some top Israeli defence officials are unsure of the precise reasons behind the ground operation’s delay, though. There have been suggestions that the continuing hostage talks are the reason for the delay.

Israel has received the word of delay from US Defence Secretary Lloyd J. Austin, who also regularly meets with Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant. It’s important to note that a Gallant representative declined to corroborate the allegation.

Important diplomatic channels were underscored by US President Joe Biden’s conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A source in the Prime Minister’s Office said that the US is steadfastly supporting Israel and does not exert any pressure on it.

Michael Herzog, Israel’s ambassador to the US, stated that although the US offers guidance, it does not order Israel to do anything. Clarifying the possible fallout from a ground assault, including what would happen to captives and how authority would shift in Gaza if Hamas is overthrown, has been the main focus of the talks with the US president. Topics like as preventing civilian casualties and providing humanitarian supplies to Gaza have also come up in these discussions.

The Pentagon offers Israel military support, which includes advise from the United States. Washington has emphasised the need of giving talks enough time to ensure the release of all remaining captives in light of recent events, which include the liberation of two US hostages held by Hamas.

Although US officials indicate that they would like to postpone the ground operation, they also stress that it is critical to prevent the impression that the US is controlling Israel’s activities, as this may lead to the US becoming directly involved in a fight with Iran or its regional allies.



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