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Vice President Mike Pence Unveils Ambitious ‘Day 1 Executive Actions’ Blueprint to Revitalize America’s Military

Vice President Mike Pence (Photo: Politico)

Vice President Mike Pence Unveils Ambitious ‘Day 1 Executive Actions’ Blueprint to Revitalize America’s Military

Pence rolls out 'day one executive actions' focused on rebuilding military | Washington Examiner

Former Vice President Mike Pence outlined his “day one executive actions” as part of his presidential campaign in 2024 (Photo: Washington Examiner)

Vice President Mike Pence Unveils ‘Day One Executive Actions’ Focused on Rebuilding Military, Energizing American Workers, and Upholding American Values

According to an article from the Washington Examiner, former Vice President Mike Pence has outlined a comprehensive set of ‘day one executive actions’ centered on strengthening America’s military and security. Vice President Mike Pence, should he be elected in 2024, is poised to reverse defense spending cuts from a previous debt ceiling agreement as one of his initial measures. He emphasizes three core priorities: bolstering American security, revitalizing the workforce, and upholding American values.

Vice President Mike Pence argues that recent international developments, such as the Afghanistan withdrawal and policies towards Iran and China, have weakened America’s global standing. His overarching strategy is to prioritize “peace through strength” and rebuild the U.S. military. Vice President Mike Pence also challenges certain foreign policy stances within his party, singling out Vivek Ramaswamy for advocating policies like lifting sanctions on Russia and changing aid to Israel, which Pence sees as compromising American safety.

In addition to military and security concerns, Pence’s plan encompasses domestic issues. He promises to complete the southern border wall, promote energy production, support American workers, and reshape the federal government with a conservative Cabinet and judiciary.

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Vice President Mike Pence’s Presidential Agenda: A Glimpse into His Planned Executive Actions

According to KTSM, here is Vice President Mike Pence’s agenda

Repeal Federal Support for Abortion: Pence vowed to reverse Biden’s executive actions supporting abortion and terminate federal legal support for abortion at the state level, while President Biden, in response to a Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, has enacted executive actions to safeguard women’s abortion rights across state lines and enhance birth control access.

Cease Federal Funding for Youth Transgender Procedures: Pence vowed to end federal funding for gender reassignment surgeries on young individuals and reverse government guidance promoting early gender-affirming care. He also planned to oppose transgender-related education in elementary schools.

Freeze Nondefense Spending: Pence proposed freezing nondefense federal spending to address the federal deficit, instructing agencies to maintain current spending levels and vetoing any increases.

End Federal Remote Work: Pence’s campaign promised to terminate remote work options for federal employees, citing the need for a return to in-person work post-pandemic.

Revoke Biden’s ESG Rule: Pence intended to revoke the Biden administration’s rule allowing money managers to consider ESG factors in retirement investments.

Terminate Focus on ‘Social and Transgender Programs’ at the Pentagon: Pence aimed to end government-funded gender transition surgeries for military personnel and reinstate a ban on transgender individuals serving in the military.

End ‘Politically Motivated’ Investigations: Pence pledged to stop politically motivated investigations within the Department of Justice, including a review of current cases and a halt to prosecutions perceived as politically driven.

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