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Victims of Violent Crimes Receive Over $545K in Awards from Crime Victims Compensation Board


Victims of Violent Crimes Receive Over $545K in Awards from Crime Victims Compensation Board

Crime Victim's Compensation helps Victims with Costs - Equality Ohio

Don’t forget victims of violent crimes. (Photo: Equality Ohio)


Crime Victims Compensation Board Provides Aid to Victims of Violent Crimes

According to TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW), a heartening development took place during the second quarter as the Crime Victims Compensation Board granted over $545,000 to victims of violent crimes who had experienced the unfortunate impact of crime. Kris Kobach, the caring Kansas Attorney General, revealed that the Board extended a helping hand to 236 victims of violent crimes through their meetings in the same quarter of 2023.

Furthermore, the compassionate team at the Kansas Attorney General’s Office shared that the Board meticulously evaluated 245 fresh applications submitted by those affected by crime. Eventually, they gave their approval for a sum of $545,685.48 to be allocated to deserving victims of violent crimes.

According to Kansas Attorney General’s Office has established the Crime Victims Compensation program since 1978 to provide financial aid to victims of violent crimes, assisting them in covering unexpected expenses including medical treatment, mental health counseling, lost wages, dependent support, and funeral costs. During the current quarter, officials from the same office have reported that the compensation board extended its support to cover the funerals of 17 victims of violent crimes in Kansas.

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Compensations Alleviate Burdens for Victims of Violent Crimes

Additionally, the board aided 23 victims in relocating to safer environments after experiencing violence, including cases of a grandmother raising her grandchildren following the tragic loss of their mother to violent crime and providing up to $25,000 for medical expenses for a stabbing victim. Officials from the Kansas Attorney General’s Office stated that the Crime Victims Compensation Board evaluates claims for eligibility and determines the appropriate monetary awards for each claimant.

These awards are limited to a maximum of $25,000, with specific caps of $7,500 for funeral and burial expenses, $5,000 for outpatient mental health counseling, $10,000 for inpatient mental health treatment, and $1,500 for grief counseling for family members surviving victims of homicide.

In the words of Kristen Czugala, the empathetic Division Chief for Victim Services, while monetary compensation cannot erase the emotional wounds left by such victims of violent crimes experiences, there is a shared hope that their support can, at least, ease the financial burdens that victims of violent crimes often have to bear.

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