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Victoria’s Secret Items Worth $200K was Recovered during Investigation.

Victoria's Secret Logo (Photo: Dreamtime)

Two people were detained Tuesday in Los Angeles in connection with an organized retail theft “fencing” operation, and roughly $200,000 in stolen products was recovered which are Victoria’s Secret Items.

Victoria’s Secret Bra Items (Photo: Carousel)

According to ABC7, the suspects are a 47-year-old man from Los Angeles, according to the California Highway Patrol. and a 43-year-old lady from Panorama City – were selling stolen retail products from a temporary storefront-style display in downtown of Victoria’s Secret Items.

CHP stated more than 13,000 goods, mostly from Victoria’s Secret Items and CVS stores, were recovered, totaling $198,000 in value.

According to the CHP, a “fence” is someone who buys stolen Victoria’s Secret Items from persons who commit smash-and-grab robberies and then sells it all at seemingly respectable companies, swap meetings, or online.

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According to officials, a total of 13,906 stolen Victoria’s Secret Items with an estimated retail value of $198,000 were recovered.

Base from the KTLA5, according to authorities, the Victoria’s Secret Items were also stolen with the cooperation of loss prevention personnel.

“A’fence’ is an individual or group of individuals who purchases stolen Victoria’s Secret Items from those who commit smash-and-grab robberies and organized retail thefts and then sells the stolen Victoria’s Secret Items at seemingly legitimate businesses, swap meets, or online,” officials clarify.

According to authorities, the consumers of the Victoria’s Secret items may be unaware that the Victoria’s Secret items were stolen as part of an organized retail criminal operation.

The arrests come at a time when authorities are reporting an increase in robberies, including flash mobs and smash-and-grabs, across Southern California in line with the stolen Victoria’s Secret Items.

To combat the increased incidence of group robberies targeting stores, an Organized Retail Crime Taskforce was formed earlier this month.

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