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Video: Sen. Rand Paul Staffer Stabbed in DC

Sen. Rand Paul's staffer was stabbed by newly released convict. (Photo: iStock)

A video has been released about the stabbing of Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer that happened just last March.

Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer was stabbed by newly released convict. (Photo: iStock)

The video of Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer being stabbed last March was released by the courts. In the video, a man could be seen walking up to the staffer then began attacking the poor victim.

According to the article released by Law and Crime, the courts have released the video showing the attack of Sen. Rand Paul’s Staffer. The staff of Sen. Rand Paul, Phillip Todd, was stabbed by a newly released convicted felon.

The video shows the stabbing of the 26-year-old staff of Sen. Rand Paul who was walking on H Street NE with a friend after leaving a Mexican restaurant. Sen. Rand Paul’s staff and his friend were walking when a man in a hoodie was seen walking up to them fast. The man in the hoodie then started attacking Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer who was knocked to the ground. Todd’s friend immediately pushes the attacker of Sen. Rand Pauls’ staff. The assailant nonchalantly walks away as Todd and his friend run off.

Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer, Phillip Todd, suffered a puncture wound on the left side of his head, a cut to his ear, a deep stab on his left torso which punctured his left lung, and a minor puncture stab on his left chest. Sen. Rand Paul spoke after the attack saying they are praying for the fast recovery of Todd who did not know the attacker.

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The person who stabbed Todd was a newly released felon, first day out of prison and has already tried to kill someone.

According to the article by Scripp News, the attacker was 42 year old Glynn Neal. Neal was newly released from prison. He was convicted in 2011 for multiple charges. A day after his release he stabbed Sen. Rand Paul’s staff who was walking with his friend.

The video showing the stabbing of Sen. Rand Paul’s staff was shown last month in the D.C. Superior Court during the preliminary hearing for Neal. Glynn Neal’s hearing for a mental observation is set in court on September 8. 

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