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Virginia Lottery Winner Claims Her $100k Prize


Virginia lottery winner Elizabeth Moss traveled to the Harris Teeter in Chesapeake, Virginia, at 1216 Greenbrier Parkway, where she purchased a few items to take to her daughter in Georgia.

Elizabeth Moss

A Chesapeake woman became a Virginia lottery winner as she was on her trip to Harris Teeter resulting in a significant victory.

But at first, Elizabeth Moss, the woman who became a Virginia lottery winner, was unaware that she had won a Powerball sum. She believed that her ticket wasn’t lucky after learning that someone in California won the game’s grand reward.

However, Moss quickly discovered that the same grocery store where she had purchased her winning Powerball ticket, which eventually made her a Virginia lottery winner, had also sold another winning Powerball ticket in Virginia.

Moss stopped at a Harris Teeter in Chesapeake and purchased a $3 Powerball ticket, according to authorities, which she used to win $100,000 and went home as a Virginia lottery Winner.

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Virginia lottery winner Elizabeth Moss was attracted to the $1 billion jackpot prize that evening.

She didn’t win the grand prize, but she did become wealthy because her ticket had five matching numbers giving her the opportunity to be a Virginia lottery winner, including the Powerball number.

The amount of money Moss kept after taxes was not disclosed by the Virginia Lottery in its news announcement.

Virginia lottery winner Elizabeth Moss is from the nearby city of Chesapeake.

The lady never expected that she became the Virginia lottery winner after just a short trip to the grocery store to get the ticket.

She was very happy and left in shock after knowing that she had became a Virginia lottery winner.

Moss became one of the luckiest people in the field of lottery. To be a Virginia lottery winner of $100,000 is a very huge blessing.

Congratulations to the winner.

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