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War with China Ignites as the United States Intensifies Disputes

South China Sea

The risk of nuclear war with China is increasing as a result of Biden’s escalating tensions with the country. 

The US and China

The Asia-Pacific region is now more at risk of nuclear war with China as a result of US policies.

President Joe Biden is undermining the “One China” policy, which has been the cornerstone of US-China relations since 1979, by cozying up to Taiwan and arming it to the teeth.

The action escalated the raging fires of tension in terms of war with China.

The military actions of the United States are escalating the confrontation in the South China Sea which is believed to be cause of all these ‘war with China’ tensions.

Republican presidential contenders are also fanning the embers of war with China as Biden escalates tensions with China and heightens the risk of nuclear war in the Asia-Pacific.

Over landmasses and the waterways surrounding them, there are conflicting claims to sovereignty in the South China Sea. China’s historical claim to 90% of the South China Sea is rejected by Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Tensions have resulted from this, which have been made worse by naval operations by the United States.

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War with China tension is getting hotter as US political actions fan the flames.

China, according to US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, is the biggest danger to US national security.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping responded that China is the target of an all-encompassing campaign of containment, encirclement, and oppression by Western nations, led by the United States.

As the dispute about the South China Sea has not been fixed yet, the US’s actions may lead to a war with China.

The actions of the Trump administration, particularly with regard to Taiwan, which the United States had long acknowledged as being a part of China, have been “doubled down” during the Biden administration resulting to an increased war with China tension.

Taiwan produces more than 90% of the world’s most sophisticated microchips. Our smartphones, artificial intelligence systems, and missile guidance all rely on these processors.

The Trump administration slapped high tariffs on Chinese goods in order to deny China access to the machinery and software needed to produce the sophisticated semiconductors thus adding to the tension of making a war with China.

In addition to imposing a ban on advanced semiconductors, Biden has maintained and significantly increased Trump’s coercive economic tactics.

On August 25, Kuznick said at a panel discussion at the Veterans For Peace (VFP) annual conference that China has not been at war with any nation since 1979.

In connection to this war with China issues, it is reportedly said that Australia and Indonesia are encircling China from the south, while South Korea, Japan, and South Korea are encircling it from the north.

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