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West Fargo Husband Charged With Murder Of Killing His Wife.

City of West Fargo (Photo: Westfargond)

In Cass County District Court, a West Fargo man has been charged with murder in connection with the death of his wife, whose body was discovered at a West Fargo residence.

City of West Fargo (Photo: Goodfreephotos)

According to the filed documents on Monday, August 14, 2023.

Approximately 7:38 a.m. Police in West Fargo were called to a home in the 1100 block of Eaglewood Avenue West on August 10 because a lady was not breathing because of the husband charged with murder now.

After they arrived, the responding police spoke with the caller, Spencer Moen, the husband charged with murder, 31, who said that his wife, Sonja Moen, had been unconscious and dozing in the bathtub the previous night.

Sonja Moen’s body was discovered in the bathtub by the police fully dressed. Her eyes were swollen and shut, and she had noticeable bruises on the left side of her face and forehead.

According to court records, she also had what appeared to be defensive wounds on the backs of her hands. Officers also observed bruising near the knuckles on Spencer Moen’s right hand, the husband charged with murder. First responders quickly pronounced Sonja Moen dead at the scene.

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Officers discovered blood while conducting their investigation on the floor of the master bedroom, on the left side of the bed, and at the foot of the bed leading to the bathroom.

Sonja died from a head injury caused by blunt force, according to an autopsy. Sonja had at least one shattered rib, the autopsy revealed cause by the now husband charged with murder.

According to court records, Spencer Moen, the husband charged with murder, picked up the phone when Sonja Moen’s oldest daughter called her mother on the evening of August 9 at 10:41 p.m.

The girl said to police that Sonja Moen could be heard dozing in the background and that her father’s voice seemed agitated.

Court records state that a video taken at 11:37 p.m. was discovered on Spencer Moen’s phone. Sonja Moen was laying in the bathtub on August 9 in the other direction from how she was when emergency personnel arrived.

In the video, it looks like she is having a lot of trouble breathing and making a snoring-like noise. The sound seemed to be consistent with “agonal breathing,” which is a word for when someone is gasping for air because they aren’t obtaining enough oxygen, an investigator remarked.

The husband charged with murder could spend a maximum of life in jail without the possibility of parole if found convicted, a Class AA felony. A misdemeanor accusation of aiding in the deprivation or delinquency of two youngsters is also brought against Spencer Moen, the husband charged with murder.

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