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What Happens if You Steal from Target — Man Arrested After Stealing from Target

Man arrested stealing from Target

When Target becomes the target for stealing


Man arrested stealing from Target

What will happen if you caught stealing from Target

In a recent article published by, authorities arrested a 22-year-old man in the early hours of Friday morning after he was allegedly caught stealing bottles of alcohol from Target long after the business had closed.

This is what happens if you steal from Target. According to the Chico Police Department, at roughly 2:50 in the morning, Friday, they received a call from an employee who said that someone was seen inside the Target premise. What happens if you steal from Target and the theft was identified as Seamus Moon.

What happens if you steal from Target? Seamus Moon was seen holding a bottle of alcohol when Chico Police officers tried to call him from outside. What happens if you steal from Target? Police say Moon was arrested without incident. According to the release, officers found multiple stolen items such as clothing and alcohol inside a backpack carried by Moon. What happens if you steal from Target? Well, Mon was taken to the Butte County Jail on suspicion of theft as well as violating a felony probation.

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What happens if you steal from Target? Not so long ago, another shameless Atlanta Target shoplifter who desperately pleaded with cops that he didn’t want to go to jail. What happens if you steal from Target? The man was arrested for stealing nearly $1,300 worth of merchandise — including two huge televisions.

What happens if you steal from Target? The theft was known as Daniel Berman, 34, was arrested Tuesday on charges of obstruction of law enforcement officers and felony theft by shoplifting, a portion of which was caught on video. What happens if you steal from Target? At around 5:30 p.m. Monday, Berman who may have been high on drugs at the time had marched into the Target store on Caroline Street NE in Atlanta.

Berman simply picked up a $499.99 LG 65-inch television and walked out without paying, according to an arrest report obtained by The Post. What happens if you steal from Target? Apparently unsatisfied with his initial haul, the greedy crook returned to the scene of the crime a short time later and went in for seconds this time carting away a second LG television and a smattering of other items.

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