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Yankees Center Fielder Jasson Dominguez Expected to be Out for 9-10 Months After Tommy John Surgery


The team said that the Yankees center fielder will be out for 9-10 months for recovery.


Yankees center fielder Jasson Dominguez has had Tommy John Surgery for his right elbow on Wednesday. The Yankees said his recovery time is from 9 to 10 months.


According to ESPN, the Rangers team physician, Dr. Kieth, Mesiter, performed a procedure that included internal bracing, said the Yankees. The team also expects for the Yankees center fielder’s recovery time for about 9 to 10 months.


The 20 year old Yankees center fielder homered his big league debut on September 1. He was hitting .258 with four homers and 7 RBIs in eight games before he got a scan on September 10 that revealed a tear.


The Yankees center fielder said he felt first pai on September 3 but could not recall a specific throw or swing that caused his injury. 

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The 20 year old Yankees center fielder will start next season on the injured list and can expect to see him around the middle of the season, before the All-Star break.


According to CBS Sports, if the Yankees center fielder will heal quicker, it is possible for him to return before that. Given the age of Dominguez, in addition to the Yankees likely having less urgency to get him back on the field, the best guess is that the Yankees will try to slow down the Yankees center fielder as best as they can and try to guard against any possible attacks.


The Yankees center fielder debuted on September 1 as one of the top Yankees prospects. He made immediate impact as he hit home run off Justin Verlander in his first career-at-bat. He homered in flour of his seven first games and became the youngest player to ever do so.


It is incredibly unlikely that the Yankees want to punt on the season for a series of reasons, but they sure will want a natural landing spot for the Yankees center fielder to start in the outfield when he is back.

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