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53-Year-Old Regina Daniels Arrested in Palatka for Killing Her Child’s Father


Regina Daniels, 53, was arrested for homicide after Palatka police determined the shooting was not a Stand Your Ground case

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels, a lady from Palatka who told police she killed a man by shooting him on Monday, was taken into custody on Friday.

Tyrone Colay, 34, was discovered shot dead in a backyard and was identified by authorities as having been murdered by Regina Daniel.

Regina Daniels, according to the officers, was extremely helpful during the course of the inquiry.

Investigators have established that Colay and Regina Daniels had a child together.

According to the police department, he passed away after a domestic incident at a home on East Oak Hill Drive that was reported to the police around 1:30 a.m.

Regina Daniels, a 53-year-old Palatka resident, allegedly confessed to shooting Colay and has been working with investigators, according to authorities. Capt. Matt Newcomb reported that as of noon on Monday, no arrests had been made.

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The shooting happened in the backyard of the home where Daniels and Colay lived. 

The State Attorney’s Homicide Investigations Unit is assisting the agency’s detectives in their investigation, according to the agency.

According to the authorities, the crime scene is being processed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Crime Scene Unit.

The Palatka Daily News discovered social media accounts and Putnam County Clerk of Courts Office records linked to Tyrone Colay and Regina Daniels with her name as “Regina,” despite the Palatka Police Department post spelling Daniels’ name as “Regena.”

Newcomb wasn’t certain whether Regina Daniels and Tyrone Colay were married on Monday afternoon, despite the fact that the case has been classified as domestic and officials claim the two shared a residence.

In 2011, according to court documents, Regina Daniels requested Colay pay child support. According to court documents, the case was launched again in 2018 and then shut down once more in March of this year.

Before 1 p.m., no arrests were made despite that. On Monday, Newcomb noted that an arrest might take place but emphasized that Regina Daniels has been cooperative with law enforcement.

He claimed that detectives are still trying to tie up any loose ends.

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