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70-Year-Old Man in Baltimore Rapes Multiple Women Is Arrested

James Shipe Sr.
James Shipe Sr., 70-year-old man in Baltimore, was charged and arrested for rape cases. (Photo:

The Baltimore County Police Department confirmed that a 70-year-old man was accused of raping multiple women 40 years ago was arrested.

James Shipe Sr.

James Shipe Sr., a 70-year-old man in Baltimore, was charged and arrested for rape cases. (Photo: Nottingham)

70-Year-Old Baltimore Man Was Arrested

The Baltimore County Police Department identified James Shipe Sr., 70 years old, was arrested for raping multiple women 40 years ago or from 1978-1986. This is after the forensic evidence gathered by an emergency room physician and placed on microscope slides.

In a published article in FOX News, the 70-year-old man from Baltimore was arrested on Wednesday after he was charged in the rape investigations of five Baltimore women. Police authorities said that Shipe Sr. committed the crimes from 1878 to 1986.

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Police Chief Released a Statement

According to a published article in Morning Side Maryland, Police Chief Robert McCullough said in a press release, “While we know today’s arrest cannot erase the harm Shipe inflicted upon the survivors, the Baltimore County Police Department has removed a dangerous threat from our communities.”

He also added, “Our commitment to all the survivors of sexual assault remains steadfast as the investigation into these crimes continues. We thank our many partners who have assisted in this ongoing effort.”

Source of Forensic Evidence

Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) emergency room physician, Dr. Rudiger Breitenecker, said that he got the evidence from sexual assault survivors in the 1970s and began to collect and preserve the forensic evidence on microscope slides.

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