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A Gay-owned Birmingham Realty Company Gets Pride Flag Stolen Twice


This gay-owned Birmingham realty company in Michigan has needed to replace their pride flags not once, but twice after it was ripped from their business front.


A Birmingham realty company gets their pride flag stolen twice after the owner said that it was ripped from their business front. Police can’t say that the theft classified as a hate crime.


According to Fox 2 Detroit, Police can not say that the theft of the pride flag from the Birmingham realty company classifies as a hate crime but this is an example of what Congresswoman Haley Stevens says is a rise in crimes that targets the LGBTQIA+ community.

Congresswoman Stevens spoke during a press conference on Tuesday, she stated that they are not going to allow hate and discrimination to rear its head on Merrill and Bank Street or anywhere in Oakland County. She was with James Cristbrook, the owner of the Birmingham realty company. Cristbrook said that the second time that they put the pride flag on their Birmingham realty company business front, they put a sign stating that somebody has taken their first pride flag.


The Birmingham realty company owner was less flippant the second time their pride flag was stolen. He said that it was very hurtful and that there was a mission here, when their flag was stolen.

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Police have investigated the case and are looking for surveillance videos and other evidences. Unfortunately, they have not been able to create a suspect of the pride flag that was stolen from the Birmingham realty company.


According to WXYZ Detroit, that the owner of the Birmingham realty company put up a new flag after someone removed the previous flag twice. They said that it not only is theft bur it is a violation of their civil rights.


The Birmingham realty company owner said that the incidents iccured during Pride Month in June. The first time that it was stolen, they thought that it was blown away by the wind, the second time it happened, he knew that there was ill-intent. He reported the incident to the polic, however the authorities have not developed a possible suspect.


Congresswoman Stevens presented the Birmingham realty company owner and their staff a new pride flag. The two have talked about the federal Equality Act, which was passed the US house, but still not the Senate. Congresswoman Stevens said that the Equality still ahs not been passed and signed. The Equality Act is a federal legislation that opens up the civil rights in the US that makes it illegal for people to discriminate against gay business owners.

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