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Drunk Man Arrested After Wrong-Way Highway Chase in Conroe

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Drunk Man Arrested After Wrong-Way Highway Chase in Conroe

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A drunk man arrested during a hot pursuit (Photo: People)

Drunk Man Arrested After High-Speed Wrong-Way Chase on Texas Highway 6

According to the KBTX article, in College Station, Texas, Drunk Man Arrested in a recent incident has led to the apprehension of a Conroe resident who is accused of participating in a high-speed pursuit while driving in the wrong direction along Highway 6. The individual in question, identified as a 21-year-old named William Cuellar, is now facing multiple charges related to this dangerous chase. Cuellar is in custody at the Brazos County Jail, where he is being held on a bond exceeding $122,000.

In the early hours of a Sunday morning, a dramatic pursuit unfolded involving Cuellar, a drunk man arrested. As per accounts provided by concerned witnesses, Cuellar was observed maneuvering his vehicle against the normal traffic flow on Highway 6, in the vicinity of Texas World Speedway. Law enforcement officers promptly located Cuellar’s SUV in response to this hazardous situation. Concurrently, another group of officers initiated the deployment of stop sticks on the highway to impede the progress of Cuellar, the drunk man arrested.

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Drunk Man Arrested After High-Speed Chase Ends in Discovery of Drug Paraphernalia

According to the Texas Daily article, despite the deployment of stop sticks near the Harvey Mitchell Parkway exit, a drunk man arrested, Cuellar persisted in his evasion efforts. These spikes successfully deflated three of his SUV’s four tires, but he continued driving, prolonging the perilous pursuit. Ultimately, the chase ended when Cuellar stopped at the feeder road and Holleman Drive.

Upon inspecting Cuellar’s vehicle, law enforcement discovered signs of alcohol consumption, including three beer bottles—two empty and one-half empty. Cuellar, a drunk man arrested, reportedly confessed to being intoxicated and wanting to return home. Additionally, officers uncovered drug paraphernalia, such as a bong with residue, rolling papers, and a marijuana grinder.

During the chase, a drunk man arrested named Cuellar allegedly attempted to assault a K9 officer, compounding his charges. He now faces accusations of evading arrest, aggravated assault on a public servant, driving while intoxicated, and drug paraphernalia possession, along with an active warrant in Montgomery County for evading.

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