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Columbus Police Officer Injured as Stolen Vehicle Suspect Strikes Cruiser

Photo: FOX 28

Columbus Police Officer Injured as Stolen Vehicle Suspect Strikes Cruiser

UK car thefts: Shocking figures reveal only two percent of cases result in a suspect being charged - Driving Instructors Association

Columbus Police Officer Injured in Stolen Vehicle Collision (Photo: Driving Instructors Association)

Columbus Police Officer Injured as Stolen Vehicle Suspect Collides with Cruiser in East Columbus Pursuit

According to the ABC6 article, in Columbus, Ohio, a Columbus police officer is hospitalized following an incident where they were struck by a suspect driving a stolen vehicle on a Friday night in the eastern part of the city.

Columbus police officers attempted to stop the reported stolen vehicle at the intersection of East Livingston Avenue and South Yearling Road just after 11 p.m. However, the driver evaded the officers, leading to a pursuit that concluded at Stanley Court and Warminster Drive, where the suspect collided with a police cruiser, causing injuries to the Columbus police officer inside.

Subsequently, the suspect abandoned the vehicle after striking a parked motorcycle on Loraine Court but was later apprehended by the police. The injured Columbus police officer is now in stable condition, and the suspect faces charges of felony fleeing and receiving stolen property in connection with the incident.

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18-Year-Old Suspect Identified Rams Cruiser in Stolen Vehicle Pursuit, Injuring Columbus Police Officer

According to 10Tv, Police identified the 18-year-old suspect, Noah Dodson, who, despite initial attempts to stop, was eventually located at Stavely Court and Warminster Drive. There, he intentionally collided with a police cruiser while attempting to evade the pursuing Columbus police officers. The injured Columbus police officer was promptly transported to the hospital and is reported to be in stable condition according to the police.

Subsequently, Dodson struck a parked motorcycle and fled the scene. Law enforcement officers later located him in a nearby ravine and apprehended him, placing him under custody.

Dodson now faces charges of felony fleeing and receiving stolen property.

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