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A Gunman Was Apprehended In Hell’s Kitchen, New York, After Brave Bystanders Tackled Him

Photo: JW.ORG

A shooter, 27, was apprehended on Sunday after two guys valiantly rushed him and held him down in Hell’s Kitchen after he reportedly fired bullets.

Shooting incident

A 27-year-old shooter was detained for reportedly firing rounds in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, an insane guy opened fire at a Hell’s Kitchen convenience shop

In a recently published article from New York Post, the suspect, only known officially as a 27-year-old guy, was apprehended shortly before 7 a.m. following a fight near the junction of Ninth Avenue and West. 51st Street, according to authorities.

According to police, the shooting in Hell’s Kitchen happened about an hour after three people were shot in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, after an argument with a gunman at the A/C Nostrand Avenue train station, after an argument with a gunman at the A/C Nostrand Avenue train station.

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Authorities spoke with one of the men who had been holding down the alleged shooter until police arrived

In a recently published article from Ground News, there were no reported injuries as a consequence of the gunshots. It was unclear whether the brave bystanders who caught the suspected shooter were among those who had spoken with him inside the store. After officers discovered a black revolver on him, the guy was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

Just minutes before the event, video from a nearby convenience store shows the alleged shooter, dressed in a green Dennis Rodman basketball jersey, conversing with a group of consumers and flashing them a big grin. According to a store clerk, the man offered to buy items for the group of strangers, but when they rejected him, he began shouting at them.

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