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 A List for the Most Dangerous Cities in Alaska – The Last Frontier’s Other Side


Read more to find out the most dangerous cities in Alaska.


Recognized as the largest state in the US by landmass, is also known as the Last Frontier State as it was the penultimate state to join the Union, before Hawaii. However, as charming as it is, the state’s violent crime rate towers the national average. If you ever are curious about the other side of the Last Frontier, here is a list of the most dangerous cities in Alaska.


According to Southwest Journal, Alaska is comprised of 355 diverse municipalities, including towns, cities, boroughs. 148 of these were incorporated cities. Residents and visitors are captivated by the stunning natural beauty and sprawling wilderness. But, there is another side to the state’s beautiful place, here is a list of the most dangerous cities in Alaska.


  1. SITKA. As the first in this list of the most dangerous cities in Alaska, Sitka’s economic landscape is marked by hugh unemployment rates and this has led to property crimes that exceeded the state and the national average. Certain sections of the city are recognized for more prone to criminal actvity.


  1. KETCHIKAN. This second city in this list of most dangerous cities in Alaska is globally known aas the Salmon Caputal of the World. This city is celebrated for beautiful landscapes, abundant fishing prospects, and vibrant indigenous culture. Although the city’s violent crime rate of 3.11 per 1000 residents fell below the state’s average, it still exceeds the national average.


  1. KENAI. This quaint coastal city is the state’s 15th largest city, and is also one of the most dangerous cities in Alaska with its fair share of crime. Kenai’s violent crime rate of 4.48/1000 residents is about half of the state’s average, but still is noticeably above the national median. Property crime is at 17.69/1000 residents.

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  1. NORTH POLE. This small Alaskan city known for its year round Christmas decorations is part of this list of most dangerous cities in Alaska. Despite its festive charm, this city grapples with a property rime rate of 26.70/1000 residents, surpassing the state’s average. Areas like Cleer Creek Park, Badger East, and Newby Road are known to be more prone to crime, so might as well stray away from these.


  1. WASILLA. Alaska’s fourth most populous city lies in the southcentral part of the state and is nestled on the Cook Inlet. This city is part of this list of most dangerous cities in Alaska as the violent crime rate is at 6.66/1000 residents is significant higher than the national average, Property crime also poses a notable concern for residents as rate is at 28.55/1000. Meadow Lakes and COlonial Park are among the less safe neighborhoods.


  1. KODIAK. This city is a crucial commercial port. The city is part of this list of the most dangerous cities in Alaska as its neighborhoods like Kodiak West and Mill Bay are known for high crime rate. Violent crime rate here is at 9.35/1000, and is exceeding both state and national average. Property crime is at 13.01/1000 and is below both state and national average, however, if it comes to crime/suare mile, then this city’s rate is six times more than Alaska’s average.


  1. FAIRBANKS. Fairbanks is the largest city in Alaska’s interior and is also part of this list of the most dangerous cities in Alaska. Residents and visitors are advised to remain vigilant, especially in areas like North Lake View and Van Horn Industrial Park. The city’s violent crime rate is below the state average but is still above the national average. Property crime here is a concern as it is double the national average. This marks the city as having some of the highest property crime in the state.

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