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Dangerous Cities in Florida: The Other Side of the Sunshine State


Here is a comprehensive list of the dangerous cities in Florida that you might or might not know.


If you are considering to move in the sunshine state. it is advisable to stary clear of the places listed in today’s list of dangerous cities in Florida.


Southwest Journal has compiled their own list of the dangerous cities in Florida. Let us take a look at these places below:


  1. PANAMA CITY. Panama City, located in Bay County, is recognized as one of the dangerous cities in Florida despite its popular beach destinations. Housing in Panama is relatively affordable, along with its stunning landscapes, pristine waters, and diverse wildlife, it is quite attractive for families wanting to move. What’s not attractive, however, is the high crime rates – murders, armed robberies, and kidnappings. Areas like Curundu, El Chorrillo, and San Miguelito have marred this city’es reputation.


  1. FLORIDA CITY. Situated in Miami-Dade County, this second city in this list of dangerous cities in Florida is facing challenges like high poverty rate and a small population. Despite it having a small population, the city experiences noticeable level of violent crime that is somewhat above the national average. Property crime is also a concern in this city.


  1. COCOA. Another one of the dangerous cities in Florida is known for its significantly high violent crime rate. The violent crime rate in Cocoa is 2.8 times higher than the national average and triple the state average. The most prevalent crime here are burglaries and assaults.

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  1. LAKE CITY. Lake City hold the distinction as one of the dangerous cities in Florida. The violent crimes here not only tops the state but also ranks among the worst cities in the US. Lake City suffers fom extreme high poverty and crime rates.


  1. TALLAHASSEE. The state’s capital city ranks as one of the dangerous cities in Florida in terms of violent crimes. Tallahassee is twice as dangerous as both the state and the national average. Property crime here is considerably high, as chances of being a victim is 1 in 30.


  1. LAKE WORTH. Lake Worth, a brief drive south of the Riviera Beach, is another one of the dangerous cities in Florida. This city has faced challenges with drug abuse that led to a high rate of overdose incidents. Violent crime here is 2.5 times the state and the national average.


  1. GAINESVILLE. Although this city is a hub of education, it has experienced increasing burglary and thefts in certain areas. This makes it to this list of dangerous cities in Florida as the rates of violent and property crime are noticeable, the possible influence for this is the city’s large student population that is mixed with urban and residential areas.

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