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Let Us Discover: Dangerous Places in California to be Avoided


Find out which dangerous places in California are needed to be avoided during your visits.

Death Valley (Photo:


As a huge state with huge cities, it is understandable that California has some reputable places with high crime rates. And as this is the largest state in the US, this list of the dangerous places in California is no shocker. Read more to discover these areas.


According to AZ Animals, there is a significant disparity between deaths from environmental exposure in California’s Death Valley and deaths from violent crimes, so they included a bit of both. Here is a list of dangerous places in California that you need to be aware of.


  1. STOCKTON. This has a reputation as a black spot in terms of crime throughout California, hence why it is part of this list of dangerous places in California. In 2021, over 9,000 property crimes were reported. Annually, violent crime here is higher than the national average, with 30 homicides, almost 200 rapes, thousands of robberies and aggravated assaults. This city filed for bankruptcy back in 2021, so it is to say that the management here is not that great.


  1. OAKLAND. This city has maintained its status as one of the dangerous places in California. Its violent crime is over 1,200 per 100,000. It is estimated that 1 in 15 people will experience property crime, 1 in 77 people experience violent crimes. It is quite a shame as this city is undergoing a revitalization boom and is more affordable housing option over San Fransisco and Silicon Valley.


  1. SAN BERNARDINO. This is home to a crime rate that is triple the national average. It is unfortunate and disappointing that this city is part of this lists’ dangerous places in California as this locations is beautiful, nestled in the shadow of the San Bernardino Mountains, and featuring balmy, Mediterranean climate. 1 in 86 will experience violent crimes. San Bernardino is familiar with high poverty, as there is a poverty rate of 26%. 

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  1. DEATH VALLEY. Death Valley is easily one of the most inhospitable environments on earth. This is obviously part of this list of dangerous places in California as the annual temperature average here is 110°F, the number of people that have died here can’t hold a candle compared to those who die in the big city. Moving through here would probably be a death sentence to most people. Death Valley takes its toll as there are 3.4 deaths per million visitors and 41 deaths from 2010-2020.


  1. MOUNT SAN ANTONIO. From a natural perspective, Mount San Antonio is part of this list of dangerous places in California. Dozens of hikers were rescued from the brutal hiking and climbing each year. Rescued hikers are often lost in the wilderness, suffering from hypothermia, dehydrated, or have suffered nasty falls while hiking. What’s worse is that, not everyone is luck to get out alive.


  1. BARSTOW. Just located outside of San Bernardino, the association of Barstow has had a detrimental effect, with crime rates 123% higher than the national average. Hence, why it is part of today’s list of dangerous places in California. Barstow is smaller than San Bernardino which makes crime much more prevalent. Like San Bernardino, the correlation of high crime rate and poverty is evident as more than 35% of the population is below the national average. The city also ranked as very poor educational standards.


  1. EMERYVILLE. Emeryville is one of the dangerous places in California and often finds to be the number one spot in the state and the country. It does not help that this is an extension of Oakland. With a high percentage of poverty, meth is also a major part of drug trade in this area. 1 in every 5 people will be a victim of property crime. 1 in 15 chance of becoming victim to violent crime.

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