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Boston’s Worst Neighborhoods – The Other Side of Massachusetts’s Largest City


Take a look at this list of Boston’s worst neighborhoods to know which places you need to avoid.


Boston is generally safer than most similar sized cities however, it is not without its own challenges. Despite rich culture and history, the city falls within the top six cities for hate crimes in the US. Let us take a look at Boston’s worst neighborhoods.


According to Southwest Journal, these incidents occur across neighborhoods, casting a shadow over the city’s shining image. To help you be informed and educated, Southwest Journal has made a list of Boston’s worst neighborhoods.


  1. CENTRAL. Despite being the heart of the city, this ranks as one of Boston’s worst neighborhoods, as the violent crime here is 321% higher than the national average. However, Central has a lot of attractions like museums, arenas, and other historical landmarks. It is advisable to be wary of your surroundings when you visit or move to this part of Boston.


  1. ROXBURY. Most people would not want to spend the night at Roxbury as this ranks as one Boston’s worst neighborhoods. It is legitimately one of the most dangerous neighborhood in the city and its surrounding area. Violent crime here is twice the rate of the city and 232% higher than the national average.


  1. SOUTH END. South End is part of this list of Boston’s worst neighborhoods as this is another area in the city where there is a high crime rate, with it 169% higher than the national average. Violent crimes may not be as prevalent, property crimes are very common. People are not advised leaving items in their cars as there is a frequent break-in.

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Before you sign a lease or plan to visit the city, take a moment to read the list of Boston’s worst neighborhoods, so you know which places are to be avoided.


  1. NORTH DORCHESTER. With its proximity to a lot of colleges and lower rents, it is easy why this area is attractive to people wanting to move to the city. However, you might want to rethink that as North Dorchester is part of this list of Boston’s worst neighborhoods. This neighborhoods crime is above the national average on all counts, with crime rates increasing, especially with property crimes.


  1. SOUTH DORCHESTER. South Dorchester, like any of the other neighborhoods in this list is part of Boston’s worst neighborhoods, as the total crime rate is 142% higher than the state’s average. Most crimes may be property related, violent crimes like assaults and robberies very much occur here.


  1. MATTAPAN. Many residents avoid Mattapan at night as violent crime rate here is 130% higher than the national average, hence why it is part of Boston’s worst neighborhoods. At one point, this area was a section of the Dorchester prior to being incorporated into Boston, now, both seem to share the same crime rate.

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