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Dangerous Cities In Mississippi: A List for Curious Minds


If you are curious about the dangerous cities in Mississippi, read this list to find out.


How risky is Mississippi? The state is marginally above the national average for its property crime, and mirrors the national average for its violent crimes. The state has its fair share of risks, so in today’s list we shall discover the dangerous cities in Mississippi.


Southwest Journal has compiled their own list of the dangerous cities in Mississippi that we shall discover, read below:


  1. CLEVELAND. Not to be confused with its namesake in Ohio, this is a small city with a big problem with crime. The first in this list of dangerous cities in Mississippi. The city has recorded property crimes of 678 and violent crimes of 97, making this city a hotspot for criminal activities.


  1. NATCHEZ. This city has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. However the economic decline has led to a rise in crime, with high rated of robberies, assaults, and murders. The city is obviously part of this list of dangerous cities in Mississippi as the crime rate overshadows its rich history.


  1. CORINTH. Despite this city’s rich history, it is plagued with crime, including the highest rate of burglaries in Mississippi. The third in this list of dangerous cities in Mississippi has The Crossroads Museum which is a stark contrast to the city’s current state.

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  1. VICKSBURG. This city has played a pivotal role in the Civil War and is now a hotspot for car theft and assault and despite historical monuments, the crime here is a deterrent for many. Which makes this as the fourth in this list of dangerous cities in Mississippi.


  1. HATTIESBURG. The fifth in this list of dangerous cities in Mississippi has seen a spike in crime rate. This city is now a hub for property crimes, with high rates for burglaries, larcenies, and car thefts.


  1. PASCAGOULA. Pascagoula is sixth in this list of dangerous cities in Mississippi, and despite its nickname as the Singing River, this has a high rate of property crimes. This city ranks as the second highest in property crimes. This means that residents have a 1 in 18 chance of being a victim of car theft, larceny, and/or arson.


  1. GULFPORT. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, this city offers diversity and entertainment, but this city also ranked as the eighth highest in property crime. Despite the vibrant nightlife and bustling casino scenes, this however ranks in this list of dangerous cities in Mississippi as crime here overshadows its attractions. 

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