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A Man from Tennessee Who Threatened Little Caesars Workers With AK-47 Pleads Guilty to Aggravated Assault 


The man from Tennessee will be sentenced at the end of the month for four counts of aggravated assault.


A man from Tennessee was mad that his pizza that he ordered was not yet ready and then threatened Little Caesars workers with an assault rifle back in 2021 pleads guilty to aggravated assault.


According to Daily Mail, 64 year old Charles Doty Jr, a man from Tennessee, who threatened Little Caesars workers in Knoxville with an assault rifle back in November of 2021 has pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated assault. Doty will be sentenced on September 29 for the incident, which involved him being impatient while waiting for his pepperoni pizza.


It would only take 10 minutes to get his pizza ready, but the man from Tennessee thought that 10 minutes was too long so he whipped out his gun and threatened the staff. It was said that the man from Tennessee would not allow an employee to leave the store. Kimberleigh Murrel, an employee of the store, said that Doty came in their store with his gun with him. After Murrel looked at the rifle, the man from Tennessee pointed right at her demanding his pizza.


Murrel was the one who said that his order was going to be ready around ten minutes. Murrel’s co-worker tried to defuse the situation, at this point, a customer who was in the store when the incident happened offered her pepperoni pizza to the man from Tennessee who took it and left. The cops arrived after they were called by an employee, just after he fled the store. The man from Tennessee was soon arrested for altercation.

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By entering a blind plea, Doty essentially entered a plea deal without accepting the recommended sentencing.


According to Fox News, the man from Tennessee has reportedly pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated assault on August 23 according to local police.


On November 5, 2021, the man from Tennessee became angry after being told to wait and demanded free breadsticks for the wait. Noah Beeler, a worker, said that after he left, he came back not even 10 minutes with a gun. He added that if Doly only waited another two/three minutes, it would have been already ready and boxed in his hands.

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