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A Stolen Van Gogh Painting was Returned in an IKEA Bag


The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring, also referred to as Spring Garden was missing for three and a half years but has not been recovered at last.

Dutch art Detective Arthur Band holding the Spring Garden Painting. (Photo:

The stolen Van Gogh Painting was confidentially handed to Dutch art detective Arthur Brand. This stolen Van Gogh painting was stolen from the Singer Laren Museum in the Netherlands in March 2020.


According to Hyperallergic, the stolen Van Gogh painting was confidentially handed to Dutch art Detective Arthur Band in an IKEA bag yesterday, September 11, after multiple calls for return in coordination with the Dutch Police Art Crime Unit.


The stolen Van Gogh painting, famously named as the “Spring Garden,” was an early career landscape painting of Van Gogh prior to the development if his signature Post-Impressioniist Style. This stolen Van Gogh painting was on loan from the Groninger Museum’s permanent collection at the time of the theft from the Laren Institution on March 30, 2020.


There was radio silence until 2021 when a 59 year old man, named Nils M., was arrested and charged with the theft of the stolen Van Gogh painting, as well as a painting by Frans Hals that was stolen from the Hofje van Aerden Museum in Leerdam after DNA evidence had connected him to both scenes.

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Today, September 12, Detective Arthur Brand shared a video on Instagram of himself holding the stolen Van Gogh painting, announcing that it has been recovered and will be returned to the Groninger Museum.


According to BBC News, the stolen Van Gogh painting that was stolen last 2020 was handed to Dutch art Detective Arthur Brand in pillow and an IKEA bag by a man who came to his front door. He said that he didi this in complete coordination with the Dutch Police and they knew that the guys who handed back the stolen Van Gogh painting was not involved in the theft.


The stolen Van Gogh painting was initially stolen from the Dutch town of Laren; the thief smashed through two glasses at the Singer museum with a sledgehammer at the beginning of the pandemic. According to communications with the Police, the Spring Garden had been acquired by a crime group intending to use it as an exchange for shorter jail terms.


The Spring Gardens is currently in the hands of the Van Gogh Museum whose experts will help restore the painting as there were scratches in it. The painting could take weeks or months before it goes back on display.

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