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Meeker County Sheriff’s deputies are looking into a number of stolen automobiles.

Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze badge. (Photo: Meeker County)

A number of stolen automobiles are being looked into by Meeker County sheriff’s deputies, including one that Litchfield police chased west of Grove City on U.S. Route 12.

Sheriff Brian Cruze said deputies were following up on potential suspects regarding multiple reports of stolen vehicles. (Photo: Meeker County)

According to the article from Inforum,  base from the news release from Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze, burglaries and other suspicious activities recorded early on Sunday are thought to be related, and the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office is looking into probable suspects.

Around 2:44 a.m., there was a report of a theft of two automobiles in process. In the 16700 block of County Road 9 in Ellsworth Township on Sunday, September 10.

Two vehicles were reported stolen: a 2014 Toyota Tundra pickup truck and a 2022 Honda Pioneer all-terrain vehicle. Before deputies arrived, the suspects left the area. Later, the pickup on 650th Avenue and the ATV off County Road 9 were discovered.

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In the course of looking into these alleged thefts, a car was reportedly found in a ditch north of the original complaint of a stolen vehicle, close to County Roads 9 and 18.

According to Yahoo News, Following the incident, Litchfield police tracked down the car and made an effort to stop it between 240th Street and 650th Avenue. The car sped away, and the pursuit started.

According to the press release, Litchfield police pursued the car west of Grove City before it veered south and into a cornfield. Later, the pickup was discovered in a stand of trees in Acton Township’s 50600 block of 260th Street.

Calling the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office at 320-693-5400 is a good idea for anyone with information or who witnessed anything unusual. Calling is also advised for anyone who may have seen the incidents on CCTV footage.

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