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A Murder Suspect Killed by Dallas Task Force Raises Concern about the Unavailability of an Officer’s Body Camera

(Photo: WFAA)

A murder suspect killed by Dallas Task Force raises concern about the unavailability of an officer’s body camera

Keeping Dallas Safe: Task Force Update - Dallas City News

Dallas task force killed murder suspect in a shoot-out (Photo: Dallas City News)

The actual shooting incident involving the Dallas Task Force and the murder suspect took place at an apartment complex on South Tyler Street in Central Oak Cliff

In a solemn endeavor, according to the fox4news the Dallas Task Force endeavored to serve a warrant to Corey Thomas, a 36-year-old individual with connections to a murder case on Mentor Street in Dallas, along with allegations of deadly conduct in Garland. The sequence of events unfolded at an apartment complex nestled in the heart of Central Oak Cliff, specifically on South Tyler Street.

As the Dallas task force approached Corey Thomas, who was sheltered within the confines of a truck, an unexpected turn of events took place. In a desperate bid to exit the vehicle, Thomas found his path obstructed by the unyielding doors. As recounted by the Dallas Task Force, Thomas drew a firearm, aiming it toward the members of the Dallas Task Force.

In response to this threat, the officers from the Dallas Task Force were left with no choice but to take action. Tragedy struck as the echoing sound of gunfire and Corey Thomas, the murder suspect, died and no officer injured.

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The incident raised concern to Dallas Task Force for not wearing a body camera during the incident

Striving to uncover the truth, the police department is unwavering in their investigation of the shooting incident that occurred on July 24. The event took place at an apartment complex off Tyler Street in Central Oak Cliff and involved the Dallas Task Force and a murder suspect.

Dallas Police shared that none of the task force officers had body-worn cameras during the incident due to a federal agreement that’s being looked into for necessary changes.

The DPD Special Investigations Unit is currently probing the shooting, marking the seventh involving a Dallas Police officer this year (2023).

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