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A US Navy Sailor From Virginia Won the Largest Online Instant Lottery Game in US History

He won over $1.8 millionjust by playing this game. (Photo: Pennsylvania Lottery)

The US Navy Sailor won by playing the online instant game, “Jackpot Spectacular”, being offered in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

He won over $1.8 million just by playing this game. (Photo: Pennsylvania Lottery)

A US Navy Sailor from Virgina has emerged as the recipient of the most substantial online lottery prize that was ever awarded in the US. He received a staggering $1,817,588.

According to USA Today, Bryan Bundoc, the US Navy Sailor was returning from volunteer work on August 10 when he decided to unwind by playing the game on the Virginia Lottery’s application.

Not too long after playing, the US Navy Sailor received a notification that he has won an instant prize of a whopping $1,817,588. The Lottery has confirmed that this was the highest amount that was ever won in an online lottery game in the US.

The US Navy Sailor said that it was a surreal feeling and that he immediately called his brother. The US Navy Sailor also said to the lottery officials that he has no specific plans for his prize money, currently.

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The odds of winning a prize in a game are 1 in a 3.99%, according to the lottery officials.

According to the Lottery Post, Jackpot Spectacular is one of the dozens of instant win games that was offered by the Virginia Lottery app and website. The US Navy Sailor says that he has been keeping an eye on the growing jackpot in the game.

As it happened, the US Navy Sailor did not need to buy himself a lottery ticket to win, instead the US Navy sailor won over 1.8 million dollars while sitting in his car. As the US Navy Sailor sat inside his car, he was notified by the app that he in fact won the largest prize to be ever won in the US in an online instant game.

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