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Alabama High School Band Director Arrested and Tased During Post-Game Performance

Alabama High School Band Director Arrested (Photo: CBS 58)

Alabama High School Band Director Arrested and Tased During Post-Game Performance

Band Director Arrested After Allegedly Refusing to Stop Performance

Alabama high school band director arrested and tased by police during a post-game performance. (Photo: People)

High School Band Director Arrested and Stunned by Police Amidst Chaotic Football Game Finale

According to the Democrat Herald article,  Alabama high school band director found himself in a bewildering and controversial situation when he was arrested and subjected to stun gun shocks by police officers. Johnny Mims, who leads the band at Minor High School, was taken aback when officers abruptly pulled him away from his conductor’s podium after a football game between Minor and Jackson-Olin high schools.

Alabama high school band director Mims, who asserted he was merely “doing my job,” expressed his confusion and distress at being shocked three times with a stun gun. The incident was captured on police body camera footage, which revealed a tumultuous scene with students screaming as officers attempted to apprehend Alabama high school band director Johnny Mims.

The charges against him include disorderly conduct, harassment, and resisting arrest. In the footage, officers repeatedly implored Mims to halt the band’s performance, citing the need for everyone to leave the stadium since the game had ended. They appeared incredulous that Mims continued directing the band for another approximately two minutes.

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Alabama Band Director Faces Controversy and Administrative Leave Amidst Racially Charged Arrest

According to AP News, Alabama high school band director Johnny Mims, who stated that the bands were engaged in a customary “fifth-quarter show,” where bands perform as spectators exit the stadium, maintained that he was not defying the officers but trying to conclude the musical performance.

The incident has gained attention not only due to the arrest but also because both Mims and the involved officers are Black, and both high schools have predominantly Black student populations. As the situation unfolds, Alabama high school band director Johnny Mims remains on administrative leave from the school system, and the Alabama Education Association is advocating for his return to work.

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