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Amid High Temperature in Texas, Second Delivery Driver has Died from Stifling Heat

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As the high temperature in Texas continues, a second delivery driver has passed away. At the same time, the state’s laws governing occupational heat safety are now in a new legal limbo.

High Temperature

Legislation that prohibited water breaks for construction workers during heat waves in some areas went into effect. 

After the state appealed a judge’s Wednesday verdict that a Republican-led law requiring water breaks for construction workers during heat waves in certain cities was unconstitutional, the statute that repealed that requirement went into force on Friday in the battle against high temperature in Texas.

While the dispute is ongoing, cities like Houston stated they intended to keep enforcing their regulations.

The argument began a few days after Christopher Begley, a 57-year-old UPS driver who had worked for the firm for nearly 30 years, passed away on Sunday at a hospital after falling on his route outside Dallas the day before due to stifling high temperature in Texas.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the US is conducting an investigation.

Though an autopsy report hasn’t been made public, coworkers and local union leaders said they think the man died of heatstroke as high temperature in Texas dominates the month.

Workers have perished the high temperature in Texas this summer around the nation, notably in Texas, which has seen some of the worst heat waves this year due to climate change.

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According to OSHA, it has launched investigations into more than 20 workplace fatalities attributed to heat this year alone in Texas. 

Begley passed away less than a week after 340,000 UPS employees accepted a new, five-year contract with historic heat security standards to battle high temperature in Texas.

According to UPS, amid the incident where Begley collapsed because of the scorching high temperature in Texas, a supervisor arrived to help Begley after he passed out and gave him water and a cool area to rest, but he refused medical care.

Four days after the company gave its approval for him to take the remainder of the week off, Begley was admitted to the hospital and eventually passed away on August 27, according to a company representative.

In June, when the National Weather Service had issued a warning about severe heat amid a high temperature in Texas, 66-year-old US Postal Service mail carrier Eugene Gates slumped on his Dallas route and eventually passed away.

According to Ebi, high temperature in Texas are growing longer, hotter, and more frequent, but decisions made by the government and businesses will determine how sharply the number of heat-related deaths rises.

To enhance those safeguards due to high temperature in Texas, a select few municipal and county administrations, notably those in Miami, Phoenix, and Los Angeles, have established chief heat officer roles. There aren’t any such roles in Texas, according to Ebi.

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