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Power Outages in the US Caused by Violent Storms, Experienced by Over 600,000 in Michigan and Ohio

Power outage

On Thursday, hundreds of people experienced power outages in the US, as severe storms tore through parts of Michigan and Ohio

violent storm

According to PowerOutage.US, the violence brought by the storms caused power outages in the US, and there were over 400,000 people without power in Michigan and over 200,000 customers without power in Ohio.

Michigan and Ohio, two neighboring states, had experienced the havoc these storms wreaked as they travel around leaving power outages in the US.

Storms bring strong winds with them and can damage what is in their way. They can destroy power sources causing power outages in the US.

According to a report by Associated Press, aside from power outages in the US, the storms also caused death of at least 4 people: a woman and 2 children died from a two-vehicle car crash, and a person died from a possible tornado.

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The stated damages are thought to have been caused by several tornadoes.

North of Grand Rapids, an EF-1 tornado was observed, and it’s thought that an EF-2 tornado east of Lansing made its way into Livingston County, according to a report by Detroit Free Press.

Tornadoes are known to cause power outages in the US because of its strong force that destroy whatever in can in the way.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Monroe, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties were looking into five additional potential tornado spots. Only one or two of them, though, might actually be classified as tornadoes and fall into a weaker category.

Possible damages of tornadoes include infrastructural impairments, destruction of houses, and falling trees which usually cause power outages in the US.

Hundreds of thousands, in Michigan and Ohio, had experienced power outages. That is such a large number to be affected by the power outages in the US caused by strong storms.

Power outages in the US were also happening during the tropical storm Hilary.

Authorities were acting right away to solve the problems of power outages in the US. Last week, power outages in some states caused by Hilary were also experienced.

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