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Technology to Create Hurricanes is not Yet Available, Experts Said


Experts say there is no technology to create hurricanes or other geoengineering techniques that can produce extreme weather conditions.

Hurricane Hilary

In a video posted to Instagram on August 18, a man discusses Hurricane Hilary while standing in front of a weather map asking if it is because of climate change or a technology to create hurricanes. 

In support of his argument claiming that there is an advanced technology to create hurricanes, he cites hurricane control patents, the National Weather Modification Policy Act of 1976, Weather Modification Incorporated, a map on Geoengineering Monitor, and several other websites.

Many commenters underneath the post concur with his suggestion that the hurricane had been engineered with the help of very advanced technology to create hurricanes.

The US recently faced the strong winds brought by the tropical storm Hilary.

Some movies show us the possibilities of mankind being able to invent a technology to create hurricanes and alter weather conditions.

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Over 11,000 people liked the post in just three days and versions of the claim about the technology to create hurricanes circulated on other platforms like Facebook and X  (formerly known as Twitter).

The implication is incorrect.

According to scientists, geoengineering techniques such as technology to create hurricanes have not yet been invented which might produce extreme weather conditions.

According to climate experts, human activities like the combustion of fossil fuels are what causes climate change, thus resulting in unpredictable weather patterns.

Claims about technology to create hurricanes are disagreed by climate experts who say that Hilary is a natural environmental occurrence cause by climate change.

The “chemtrails” conspiracy hypothesis has frequently been refuted by experts.

Former Harvard Kennedy School research director for geoengineering Joshua Horton concurred that such technology to create hurricanes does not yet exist.

The term “geoengineering” refers to a variety of new climate intervention technologies that have the potential to modify the atmosphere in order to lessen the consequences of climate change.

NOAA’s Southeast Regional Climate Center recently told USA Today, there is no available technology to create hurricanes and that no one has the ability to alter large scale weather conditions.

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