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Before Being Sentenced to Almost 20 Years in Prison, a Capitol Rioter Praised a Trump Judge.


Federal Judge Timothy Kelly received some warm remarks from Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs after he was given nearly 20 years in prison for his part in the violence at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Capitol Riot

One of the heaviest sentences yet for the US Capitol riot was handed out to a leader of the far-right Proud Boys: roughly 20 years in prison.

Joe Biggs, a 38-year-old former US Army soldier, was one of the organizers of the 6 January 2021 storming of Congress.

Less than two weeks after the disturbance, Biggs, a former employee of Infowars and a veteran of the US Army, was detained in Florida and charged with seditious conspiracy as well as other charges like interrupting a congressional hearing, illegal entry, and disruptive conduct on restricted Capitol grounds.

After a roughly four-month trial, he was given a nearly 20 years in prison term.

In May, the former Infowars reporter was found guilty of seditious conspiracy and other offenses.

Biggs begged for forgiveness and professed regret for his deeds in court after he was sentenced to almost 20 years in prison.

US District Judge Timothy Kelly imposed a sentence that is almost 20 years in prison sought by the prosecution and the federal sentencing guidelines.

Zachary Rehl, a different member of the Proud Boys, received a similar 15-year sentence on Thursday for seditious conspiracy.

Both the procedure and the result are respected by me. I’m appealing because I don’t agree with it… According to NBC News, Biggs who is sentenced to almost 20 years in prison stated in the courtroom on Thursday, “I pray for all of you.”

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Biggs who was sentenced to roughly 20 years in prison was found guilty of a number of counts in May, including seditious conspiracy, interfering with law enforcement during a civil disturbance, and using intimidation or threats to hinder authorities from carrying out their jobs.

Prosecutors claimed that Biggs who sentence of almost 20 years in prison, an Iraq War veteran and former correspondent for the conspiracy website Infowars, used his military experience to “direct and control large groups of men under his command” to lead a “revolt against the government.”

Biggs received a sentence of almost 20 years in prison.

Biggs saw himself and his movement as the leaders of a second American revolution, when he and the other ‘patriots’ would seize power again, the memo said.

Biggs apologized for his behavior in court and said that the crowd had “seduced” him the day of the riot. Biggs who was sentenced to almost 20 years in prison was visibly overcome with emotion.

“I simply made progress. I succumbed to my curiosity. No, I am not a terrorist. I don’t harbor any hatred.”

Judge Kelly stated that he was “not trying to minimize the violence” but that the 6 January riot was insignificant in compared to other mass casualty incidents when he handed down Biggs’ nearly 20-year prison sentence

He stated that a harsher punishment might have led to inequalities in sentencing with other guilty rioters.

Text messages, social media posts, and videos were all utilized by the prosecution to demonstrate the Proud Boys’ involvement in a planned attack on the Capitol’s certification of the 2020 election.

More than 1,100 persons had been detained on riot-related accusations as of August 6; as a result, more than 630 of them entered guilty pleas, and 110 of them were found guilty.

Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, was another famous riot participant who received an 18-year prison term in May.

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