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Governor DeSantis on Racist Mass Murder in Jacksonville: ‘Help is on the Way’

Stop racism

In the vicinity of the Jacksonville neighborhood’s New Town, a racist mass murder happened where three Black individuals were murdered in a nearby Dollar General by a racist White gunman, Governor Ron DeSantis, and other local and state leaders spoke about the incident.

Dollar General Shooting

DeSantis said about the racist mass murder that the state of Florida is giving help.

A few people in the audience began to jeer at the Governor during his public speech about the racist mass murder, but City Council member Ju’Coby Pittman eventually asked them to stop.

The gunman of the said racist mass murder attempted to enter Edward Waters College before going to the business, and DeSantis promised to provide financial assistance to increase security there.

We’ve already been trying to find resources to help ensure that Edward Waters College has enough security. We won’t stand by and let individuals target these institutions: according to DeSantis.

The Governor stated that his office had already identified monies from the state of Florida and that he would be making announcements the following morning.

He also believes that these announcements will aid in both security from a like racist mass murder and an effort to assist these families.

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The Governor continued to denounce the racist mass murder, declaring that the criminal’s deed is unacceptable.

The Governor further mentioned that they won’t allow anybody to be singled out because of their race and to ensure that evil does not prevail in the state of Florida, they will rise up and take the necessary action to stop incidents like the recent racist mass murder.

And as a result, we will cooperate with Edward Waters to provide them with the security they require in Florida to get rid of crimes like the racist mass murder.

However, not all local leaders agree with the governor’s opinions on the racist mass murder or even his presence.

Representative Angie Nixon, posted on X expressing her thoughts about DeSantis’s sentiments about the racist mass murder.

DeSantis promised the affected black community that help is on its way to provide the necessary means, especially the security the community needs from such ugly crimes brought by racism.

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