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Body of Vanessa Guillen Found; Texas Woman Who Helped Lacerate and Conceal It Sentenced to 30-Year Imprisonment

Vanessa Guillen

Following a protracted judicial proceeding, Cecily Aguilar, a Texas woman who admittedly assisted in concealing and mutilating the body of Vanessa Guillen, was given a 30-year prison term

Aguilar (left); Guillen (right)

Body of Vanessa Guillen, a 20-year-old soldier was found from being hidden by suspects of the murder.

Aaron Robinson, who was also a soldier, is the boyfriend of Aguilar and the suspect for killing, lacerating, and concealing the body of Vanessa Guillen. Robinson shot himself to death as police prepared to take him into custody in connection with the case.

The accused killer of the victim, Army Specialist Aaron Robinson, allegedly admitted to Aguilar that he had killed a female soldier at Ford Hood on April 22, 2020, by striking her in the head with a hammer and that he had taken the body of Vanessa Guillen to a location in Bell County, Texas.

As reported by  KCEN-TV, NBC’s affiliate in Temple, Texas, witnesses at the sentencing trial for Aguilar claimed that Robinson’s inspiration for dismembering the body of Vanessa Guillen came from the crime drama television program “Criminal Minds.”

The spot where the remains of the body of Vanessa Guillen were buried was visited by Aguilar and Robinson twice, once to dismember the body and once to combine it with cement, witnesses also said.

Aguilar added that it took for the bones and remains of the dismembered body of Vanessa Guillen nearly seven hours to completely disintegrate.

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At a press conference held in front of the Waco courtroom when Aguilar’s sentencing was announced, members of the Guillén family and sympathizers spoke.

Gloria Guillén, victim’s mother, claimed she thought her testimony during the sentencing “touched the judge’s heart.” Gloria Guillén stood up to speak about the suffering her family endured as a result of the death and the brutal crime they did to the body of Vanessa Guillen.

Guillén vanished on April 22, 2020, from Fort Hood. Family members and supporters swiftly organized protests outside the base and started a social media campaign using the hashtag #FindVanessaGuillén.

After the mutilated body of Vanessa Guillen was discovered close to the base, cries to #FindVanessaGuillén evolved into pleas for #JusticeForVanessaGuillén more than two months later.

The victim’s family said that shortly after going missing, the dead soldier had disclosed her sexual harassment to family members and coworkers at Fort Hood, which has among of the highest rates of homicide, sexual assault, and harassment in the Army.

Cecily Aguilar, 25, entered a guilty plea to three charges of making false statements or representations and one count of accessory to murder last year. Aguilar received the maximum penalty that could be imposed.

It was such a ferocious crime that the couple did it to the body of Vanessa Guillen and justice is served.

Vanessa’s older sister, Mayra Guillén, commended Aguilar’s punishment on social media, writing, “You received justice today.

The Guillen’s story is featured in the 2022 Netflix documentary “I Am Vanessa Guillén,” which is eligible for an Emmy for outstanding investigative documentary.

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