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Closing of Target Stores Due to Soaring Retail Theft and Safety Concerns

Target is shutting down nine of its U.S. stores as a result of a notable rise in retail theft and concerns about the safety of its employees. The CEO pointed to a 120% increase in violent thefts as a primary driver behind this choice. (Photo: dailymail)

Closing of Target Stores Due to Retail Theft and Safety Concerns Sparks Industry-Wide Alarm

Target is closing nine of its stores across the United States due to a significant increase in retail theft and safety concerns for employees, with the CEO citing a 120% surge in violent thefts as a key factor in the decision (Photo:

Rising Retail Theft Epidemic Forces Closing of Target Stores

According to, Target is set to shutter nine of its retail locations across the United States, citing the closing of Target stores due to a significant increase in retail theft and safety concerns for its employees. Among the locations scheduled for closure are the East Harlem store in New York, as well as stores in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Target’s CEO Brian Cornell, voiced his frustration with the rising tide of retail theft and organized retail crime which he described as “unacceptable.”

He highlighted a startling statistic revealing that thefts involving violence or threats of violence in Target stores had surged by 120% during the first five months of the year contributing to the decision on the closing of Target stores.

The issue of theft isn’t unique to Target as executives from other retail giants like Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods have also been alerting Wall Street to the negative impact of theft on their businesses, which raises concerns about the closing of Target stores.

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New York City Takes Action Against Rising Retail Theft and Its Impact on Store Closures

In New York City specifically, retail theft complaints have nearly doubled over the past five years, further highlighting the challenges leading to the closing of Target stores. In response to this concerning trend, Mayor Eric Adams announced a crackdown, which includes measures to better track repeat offenders, establish neighborhood retail watch programs, and advocate for new online sale verification procedures at the state and federal levels, aiming to address the underlying issues contributing to the closing of Target stores.

To address retail theft more comprehensively, city officials are considering diversion programs for non-violent offenders, offering services to tackle the root causes of shoplifting and potentially avoid prosecution or incarceration, which could help mitigate the factors leading to the closing of Target stores.

Target’s decision to close multiple stores underscores the seriousness of the situation and the challenges that retailers face in maintaining a safe and profitable shopping environment amidst a rising tide of theft and organized retail crime, further emphasizing the need to address these issues to prevent additional closing of Target stores.

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