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Hispanic Voters in Texas Express Concerns Over Economy and Border Security, Poll Reveals

According to a recent poll, Hispanic voters in Texas are voicing discontent regarding the state of the economy and the nation's trajectory. Their concerns center on escalating prices, varying viewpoints on President Biden's involvement, as well as apprehensions regarding border security and immigration. (Photo: keranews)

Hispanic Voters in Texas Express Concerns Over Economy and Immigration

Hispanic voters in Texas express frustration with the economy and the country’s direction, with a focus on rising prices, differing opinions on President Biden’s role, and concerns about border security and immigration, according to a recent poll. (Photo: theatlantic)

Economic Concerns and Biden’s Impact on Hispanic Voters in Texas

According to, in a recent poll conducted among Hispanic voters in Texas, it was found that a significant portion expressed frustration with the economy and the country’s direction, although opinions on President Biden’s role in this varied. About 54 percent of Hispanic voters in Texas identified soaring prices and the cost of living as the most pressing issues facing the nation, a concern shared by a majority across party lines but felt most acutely by Republicans.

Over half of the respondents believed the United States was “seriously off track,” with 26 percent seeing it as moving in the right direction. These sentiments also differed along party lines, with 75 percent of Republicans, 39 percent of Democrats, and 53 percent of Independents among Hispanic voters in Texas expressing varying degrees of concern. Those who believed the country was moving in the right direction largely credited President Biden, while those with a more negative view of the country’s direction held him responsible.

This poll coincides with the Biden administration’s promotion of its economic plan, “Bidenomics,” designed to address inflation, job growth, and unemployment, which has implications for Hispanic voters in Texas. However, persistent inflation and rising interest rates have led to criticism of Biden’s economic policies, with national polls indicating that many Hispanic voters in Texas still feel economic strain.

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Border Security and Immigration Views Among Hispanic Voters in Texas

Border security emerged as another significant concern among Hispanic, with 20 percent identifying it as a top issue. Interestingly, 41 percent trusted Republicans more than Democrats to handle border security, while Democrats held a higher level of trust on issues related to the cost of living and rising prices, with 48 percent. About 33 percent of respondents believed that President Biden had a plan to address these issues, while 34 percent did not think Republicans in Congress had a plan.

On immigration-related questions, 72 percent of Hispanic voters supported sending U.S. troops and asylum case workers to the U.S.-Mexico border to assist in processing immigrants and asylum seekers. Additionally, an overwhelming 83 percent of Hispanic voters in Texas expressed support for passing a law that would grant permanent legal status and a path to citizenship for recipients of the DACA program. These findings coincide with recent shifts in White House immigration policy, such as granting work permits to over 400,000 Venezuelans and increasing border enforcement with military assistance, which have implications for Hispanic voters in Texas.

The Noticias Univision poll, conducted from September 11 to September 19, 2023, sampled 1,401 Hispanic voters in Texas and has a margin of error of 2.6 percent.

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