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Cooperation Agreement Between US and China Expires in a Few Weeks

Cooperation Agreement Between US and China Expires in a Few Weeks. (Photo: iStock)

The 44-year-old cooperation agreement between the US and China will be expiring on the 27th of August.

Cooperation Agreement Between US and China Expires in a Few Weeks. (Photo: iStock)

The cooperation agreement between the US and China that was signed 4 decades ago will expire in a few weeks. The White House has yet to decide whether they will renew the cooperation agreement or not.

From the article of SMCP, there are only a few weeks till the cooperation agreement of the US and China on science and technology will expire. The cooperation agreement or the US-China Science and Technology Agreement came into effect in 1979 and is renewed every five years.

The cooperation agreement established the guidelines for both governments when it comes to scientific collaboration, paving the path for exchanges between academic institutions and businesses. 

Although US lawmakers are against an extension of the cooperation agreement as there is a rivalry going on between the US and China regarding fears of intellectual property theft and unintended benefits to the military of China. Congressman Mike Gallagher argued against the renewal of the cooperation agreement, stating how China will exploit civilian research partnerships for their military purpose.

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The US State Department responds stating that it does not comment on internal deliberations regarding negotiations.

According to US News, with the bilateral relations of US and China, a debate is underway with the US government whether to let the cooperation agreement expire within this year or renew it. 

While most US officials are in favor of the renewal of the cooperation agreement, more officials and lawmakers are believing that the cooperation agreement does not make sense as there is an ongoing rivalry between the US and China.

Chinese officials approached the US a year ago regarding the agreement, stating that the US is still conducting a review on the renewal of the cooperation agreement. Chinese embassy spokesperson, Liu Pengyu said that both China and the US should consider making adjustments to the original cooperation agreement.

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