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Excessive Heat is Risking the August Records in Pacific Northwest

Rising Temperature in Pacific Northwest

On Saturday, towns from Medford and Portland, Oregon, to Seattle and Spokane, Washington, prepared for excessive heat from the hottest days of the summer.

Extreme Heat

Forecasters cautioned that the impending heat wave’s prolonged nature could put a huge pressure on an area of the country where air conditioning is not widely used.

According to Accuweather forecasters on Saturday, the Pacific Northwest is yet to experience excessive heat from the hottest weather of the season.

The Interstate 5 and I-90 corridors were covered with excessive heat watches and warnings on Saturday as cities from Medford and Portland in Oregon to Seattle and Spokane in Washington prepared for the warmest days of the summer so far.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist La Troy Thornton, the core of the high pressure system that has contributed to the historic and excessive heat this summer in locations like Phoenix will stretch northward and bring a sudden change to excessive heat across Oregon and Washington from Sunday until the middle of the week.

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The approaching heat wave is somewhat similar of the August 1981 heat wave in Oregon, when temperatures climbed to their greatest levels, gave excessive heat, ever recorded in August from Medford to Eugene, Salem, and Portland.

The forthcoming hot wave reminds some people of August 1981, when temperature and its excessive heat in Oregon’s Medford, Eugene, Salem, and Portland reached their highest-ever records during the month of August.

According to an article by Renee Duff, from Sunday to at least Thursday, this excessive heat in Medford are predicted to be 10-15 degrees above the historical average, which is in the late 90s, but they won’t reach the monthly record region (114 from 1981).

Even if all-time records are not broken due to the heat wave, daily records are likely to be broken for several days in a row.

In other parts of the Pacific Northwest, such as much of Washington state and southward into parts of Northern California, temperatures are predicted to surge to astounding heights and confer excessive heat.

It’s best to prepare your air conditioning devices, to bring your umbrellas when going out, and to battle the excessive heat with the right amount of water consumption. Stay hydrated!

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