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Digital Health Platform Bridges the Healthcare Gap: Innovative Debut in Places of Worship

The digital health platform includes touch screen kiosks with information on nutrition, disease management, and mental health. (Photo: Google)

Faith 1 Network and Patient Point Foundation have collaborated to launch digital health kiosks in places of worship as part of their digital health platform.

Pastor Henry Barlow of Faith 1 Network stresses self-care and debunking healthcare myths via the digital health platform. (Photo: Google)

A digital health platform is set to launch in South and West side city churches to tackle health disparities in Black communities.

According to an article published by ABC 7 Chicago, a new digital health program platform is launching in South and West side city churches, aiming to address health disparities in Black communities. The Faith 1 Network and Patient Point Foundation have partnered to introduce a digital health platform, comprising kiosks, in places of worship.

These kiosks offer health education, and access to doctors and clinics, and seek to dispel misconceptions and distrust among African Americans about the medical profession through their digital health program. The initiative is welcomed by community members like Mildred Baskin, who believe it will be a valuable resource on the digital health platform.

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Faith 1 Network’s Pastor Henry Barlow emphasizes the importance of self-care and dispelling healthcare myths that have persisted in the community through the digital health platform.

The digital health platform features large touchscreen kiosks that provide information on nutrition, disease management, and mental health. It also relies on church members serving as community health ambassadors and trained health coaches to assist users.

The initiative, initially launching in five churches, is supported by organizations like the South Side Health Equity Collaborative and Insight Hospital. It reflects a commitment to prioritize community care, with plans to expand the digital health platform to more congregations in October.

Pastor Richard Patterson, whose church will host one of the kiosks, sees it as a message of healing and resource provision. The digital health platform is welcomed by individuals like Johnnie Cottrell, who appreciate the access to vital health information and resources it provides.

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