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Discounts for Military Families: September Savings Event on Essentials


Discounts for Military Families: September Savings Event on Essentials

They're back: Commissary sidewalk sales set for May

Upcoming sidewalk sale event at commissaries in September, aimed at providing discounts for military families to save money (Photo: Military Times)

Discounts for Military Families: Seizing Savings Opportunities at Commissary Sidewalk Sales in September

According to Military Times News, Military families seeking to save money can take advantage of discounts for military families at commissary sidewalk sale events scheduled for September. These sales offer increased savings on various items such as food, pet food, baby products, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and cleaning products, with discounts for military families that may vary by location. However, specific discount details are yet to be confirmed, in addition to the overall 25% savings typically provided by commissaries compared to local civilian stores.

These outdoor sales events, which span three to four days over a weekend, are hosted at different times depending on the commissary location. For instance, Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia started its sale on August 31, while 27 other commissaries commenced their sales on September 1.

Moreover, sales are set to begin at Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base in Hawaii and New Orleans Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Louisiana at the end of September, providing multiple opportunities for discounts for military families. To find precise sales dates, customers can check the commissary website, but they should be aware that dates are subject to change.

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Secretary of Defense’s Initiative: How It Transformed Commissary Discounts

According to Yahoo News, the significant impact of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s “Taking Care of Our People” initiative, which was implemented last September to enhance discounts for military families at commissaries, injected additional funding into commissaries, eliminating the 2017 Defense Department requirement that commissaries operate at a profit to cover operational costs.

As a result of Secretary Austin’s initiative, commissary officials were able to reduce prices by 3% to 5% on more than 40,000 products available in their stores. This adjustment translates into substantial discounts for military families, amounting to at least 25% off the cost of groceries.

It highlights the expanded eligibility criteria for commissary shopping, now including active duty personnel, Guard and Reserve members, military retirees, Medal of Honor recipients, veterans with documented service-connected disability ratings, Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war, and primary family caregivers of eligible veterans under the VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers, ensuring discounts for military families reach a broader spectrum of beneficiaries.

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