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Drug Dealer Sentenced to 10 years in Prison for Actor Michael K. Williams’ Death from “The Wire.”

Michael K. Williams in his last times photos. (Photo: San Diego Union-Tribune)

A New York City drug dealer who gave “The Wire” actor Michael K. Williams fentanyl-laced heroin, which led to his death, was given a 10-year prison term on Friday.

Michael K. Williams (1966-2021) (Photos: USA TODAY)

According to NBC, The United States court condemned Irvin Cartagena, 40, of Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Judge Ronnie Abrams of the district. Cartagena had admitted guilt to planning to distribute cocaine in April.

In September 2021, Williams overdosed in his posh residence in Brooklyn. He passed away a few hours after authorities claimed he had purchased the heroin from Cartagena on a Brooklyn sidewalk in the Williamsburg district. The transaction was caught on a security camera.

Williams played the notorious drug dealer robber Omar Little in the HBO series “The Wire,” which lasted from 2002 to 2008. Williams has worked on the critically acclaimed drama in addition to acting in movies and other TV shows including “Boardwalk Empire.”

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Cartagena was subject to a required minimum sentence of five years in prison and a potential maximum sentence of forty years.

According to Fortune Press, He apologized profusely for his behavior just before the punishment was delivered. “We never intended for anyone to lose their life when we sold the drugs.”

Cartagena was described as “helpful, humble, and hardworking” by people who knew him, according to Abrams, when he wasn’t abusing narcotics himself.

The judge expressed hope that receiving treatment would help the defendant “move forward on a more productive and law-abiding path.”

The U.S. Attorney Damian Williams observed that individuals involved in the drug sale to Williams were already aware that someone else had passed away from the substances they were selling.

Even after Williams passed away, according to the prosecution, Cartagena and others continued to sell fentanyl-laced heroin in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Cartagena eventually fled to Puerto Rico, where he was apprehended in February 2022.

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