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Exploring the Most Dangerous Cities in Montana 2023

Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Montana, with its breathtaking landscapes and charming towns, is a place we all adore. But, like everywhere else, it has its challenges, and crime is one of them. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana that face some safety concerns.

Exploring the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana with Elevated Crime Rates in 2023. (Photo: Viator)

Navigating Most Dangerous Cities in Montana and Montana’s Safety

Montana, often known as the “Big Sky Country,” is a state with a reputation for its stunning landscapes, rugged outdoor adventures, and unique cultural experiences. Yet, beyond the scenic beauty and charming small towns, there are cities that face challenges related to safety and crime, based on the article of Southwest Journal.

While Montana may not top the list of the nation’s most dangerous states, it’s crucial to shed light on the cities facing safety concerns. These cities, each with its distinct character and charm, confront their own sets of challenges. As residents, visitors, and concerned citizens, delving into the unique issues faced by these communities is the first step toward fostering safer and more vibrant environments.

We’ll take a deeper dive into Montana’s cities with pressing safety concerns.

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List of 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Let’s take a quick tour of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana where safety needs a bit more attention as indicated in the article of

1. BILLINGS – Billings, the largest city in Montana, has a unique set of challenges that come with its growing population. Unfortunately, the city has higher crime rates, both in terms of violent and property crimes, which can partly be attributed to its location at the crossroads of major highways. But, don’t let these statistics scare you away. Billings is actively working on improving safety with innovative law enforcement strategies.

2. MISSOULA  – Missoula, with its vibrant arts scene and a lively university campus, deals with above-average crime rates, especially in areas densely populated by students. The community in Missoula works together with the local police to make the city safer, reminding everyone to lock their homes and vehicles.

3. GREAT FALLS – Great Falls, named for its beautiful waterfalls, is a welcoming city for tourists but faces its own challenges with crime. Both violent and property crimes happen more often than in other Montana cities of a similar size. Local authorities are putting their focus on community policing and crime prevention to address these issues.

4. HELENA – Helena, the state capital, boasts a rich history and culture but also has to deal with crime-related challenges. The city’s above-average crime rates for its size have led the Helena Police Department to increase patrols and engage with the community to improve safety.

5. BOZEMAN – Bozeman, known for its university and outdoor adventures, faces its own set of crime challenges. While the city’s crime rates are lower than some other Montana cities, local law enforcement continually emphasizes the importance of crime prevention for residents and visitors.

6. KALISPELL – Kalispell, the gateway to Glacier National Park, is famous for its natural beauty but also has higher-than-average crime rates, both in terms of violent and property crimes. The Kalispell Police Department actively collaborates with local organizations to enhance safety.

7. BUTTE – Once a bustling mining town, Butte now faces its own share of crime issues, with rates higher than the national average for a city of its size. Local law enforcement is working hard to combat these challenges through increased patrols and engaging with the community.

8. HAVRE- Havre, a small city in the Hi-Line region, experiences similar crime challenges as its larger counterparts. The Havre Police Department focuses on community-oriented policing and emphasizes the importance of securing property and staying vigilant.

9. LIVINGSTON – Livingston, known for its natural beauty and history, deals with crime rates higher than one might expect for its size. The Livingston Police Department is constantly looking for new strategies to reduce crime rates and ensure safety.

10. MILES CITY – Wrapping up our list is Miles City, a hub of history and culture. Despite being a smaller town, Miles City still has its share of crime, with rates higher than average for its size. The Miles City Police Department is proactive in addressing these issues through community outreach and education.

As you explore Montana’s cities and countryside, it’s crucial to stay aware of your surroundings, secure your belongings, and report any suspicious activities. Remember that safety begins with personal vigilance and cooperation with local law enforcement agencies.

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