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Tropical Storm Warnings Issued as Hurricane Lee Advances: Nova Scotia Braces for Potential Landfall

Residents in affected areas must heed the tropical storm warnings and take precautions. (Photo: Google)

Tropical storm warnings underscore the complex dangers facing coastal Maine.

Category 1 Hurricane Lee is heading towards eastern New England and Canada, leading to widespread tropical storm warnings. (Photo: Google)

Hurricane Lee, currently a Category 1 hurricane, is tracking toward portions of eastern New England and Canada, triggering the issuance of tropical storm warnings throughout the area.

According to an article published by USA Today, Hurricane Lee, currently a Category 1 hurricane, is on a path toward parts of eastern New England and Canada, prompting tropical storm warnings in the region. This storm poses a multifaceted threat to coastal Maine, with potential consequences including 20-foot ocean waves leading to structural damage and erosion, powerful wind gusts capable of toppling trees weakened by a wet summer, and flash flooding due to already saturated soil.

Louise Fode, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Maine, highlighted these concerns. Residents in the affected areas are urged to stay informed and take precautions in response to the tropical storm warnings issued for this impending weather event.

Lee sustains maximum winds of 85 mph, per the National Hurricane Center, and is moving northward, with tropical storm warnings indicating a potential landfall as a tropical storm in Nova Scotia expected on Saturday. The situation has led Maine Governor Janet Mills to declare a state of emergency, as the state experiences its first hurricane watch in 15 years.

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Recent heavy rainfall, with up to 10 inches over six hours, has heightened the risk of tropical storm warnings.

According to an article published by SeaCoastOnline, in preparation, the Coast Guard and emergency management agencies have urged New England residents to be ready for tropical storm warnings, while utility companies have mobilized additional resources to address potential power outages. Local communities, like Boothbay Harbor Marina in Maine, have taken proactive steps to secure boats and protect them from harm amidst these tropical storm warning.

According to AccuWeather’s hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski, the worst conditions on Cape Cod are anticipated for late Friday night and Saturday, with Lee’s path tracking over 100 miles to the east by Saturday morning.

This situation calls for heightened vigilance and preparation in the affected areas, especially given the tropical storm warnings in effect. Residents should stay informed and take necessary precautions to stay safe during the tropical storm warnings.

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